Welcome to April!

Hellllooooo everybody! I hope it’s nice and shiny where you are because it may not be where we are. I’m writing this at 2 am because I sort of forgot that I was supposed to write this. ANYWAY.

I’m here today to introduce you to our theme of April. We deliberated long and hard about what to spend our time reading. After some in-group squabbling, we decided that we will spend the month read books containing sparkling vampires and other things of the sparkling variety. Like unicorns. Sparkling unicorns…hmmmm….that could be a thing. Sparkling unicorn superheroes. Yep.


Seriously though, the theme for this month is friendship. We will be looking at the portrayals of friendships in books intended primarily for children. I think Steph will probably look at friendship in dystopian novels (I could be wrong, it is 2 am), Yash will be doing fun stuff (I lost that email) and Janet, well, Janet’s awesome so she’ll be doing something awesome.

I’ll be reviewing books with a focus on how friendship is portrayed in them. I believe there will be discussion posts and mentions of the Bechdel tests and other fun stuff. We will continue to do Top Ten Tuesdays and The Cover Wars. There may be an occasional guest post.

OH YES! I have Sarah Maguire who has written Valiant on the blog this month. Look out for that. Maybe an interview with Rachel Hartman will happen. Anyway, lots of fun stuff. Stick around.

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