Themes By Month


September: FairyTales
October: Halloween and Horror
November: Dystopian
December: Free For All/Holiday Themes


January: Canadian Children’s Literature
February: Love and Romance
March: Graphic Novels/Web Comics/Manga
April: Picturebooks
May: Cross-over Novels
June: Epic Fantasy
July: Short Stories
August: Historical Fiction
September: School Stories
October: Speculative Fiction
November: Contemporary Issues
December: Free For All


January: Middle-Grade Madness
February: Non-Fiction for Young Adults and Children
March: Retellings
April: Friendship
May: Reverse Cross-Over (Adult books for Children)
June: (Winner’s choice) Recommending and recommended books for reluctant (young or old) readers
July: Poetry/Verse Novels
August: Board Books/Early Readers/Middle Grade Redux
September: Alternate Media (incl. but not limited to movies, podcasts, etc.)
October: Retellings
November: Book Club Month
December: Free For All


January: Girl Detective
February: Adventure
March: Monster Girls
April: History and Memory
May: Immigrant Experience
June: Fae
July: Performance Art
August: Australian Children’s Lit
September: Space
October: The Wide World/Translated Children’s Lit
November: Book Club
December: Free For All

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