Review Policy

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Important: At this point in time, The Book Wars does not review or accept for review self-published books. We regret any inconvenience caused by this policy.


I review finished physical copies only. The works I read will be subject to a more thorough analysis than you may want so please be aware that while I will always be courteous, I will not mince my words if I find problematic aspects in the book. I am more likely to review books with paranormal/fantastic aspects than realistic fiction. My weaknesses are strong individuated characters, attention to detail and a solid representation of the woman kind. ^___^

Preferred Genres
Graphic novels

P.S: I don’t rate the books I read. Instead, I prefer the review speak for itself where my likes and dislikes are concerned.


I actually prefer e-galleys, instead of print copies- unless we are talking graphic novels. I would like to think I am as honest as I can be in my reviews without being cruel. I am a sucker for fantasy novels with a diverse cast of characters. I also enjoy reading and reviewing picturebooks, comics, and graphic novels for kids, teens, and young adults. By and large, I prefer YA lit (fiction or otherwise) over books catering to other demographics, but I will make exceptions for Middle Grade novels. Please note that, at the moment, I am not accepting ARCs for non-Kid/YA Lit books, unless it has crossover appeal.


I cannot promise to read e-galleys. I haven’t made it through a whole one to date. Something about staring at the screen instead of the page makes my young heart turn bitter and aged. I am drawn to science fiction, or anything that speculates! I love it. Hand in hand with that, I also love to have the wool pulled over me – I’m pretty quick to guess, and I’m often right, but if you can get me with a good twist then I’m putty in your hands. Characters are important, particularly flawed characters. POC, female, male doesn’t really matter to me so long as I can love and hate them.

Preferred Genres

Middle-Grade – I think this is perhaps my secret favourite. I love the voice of the middle grade hero, there is such magic and power in these young characters. Any genre, though plain issue stories are my least favourite I have to say that most excellent MG titles are, at their core, issue stories. Something that will turn me off immediately is underestimating both your MC and the reader. Kids are smart.

Young Adult – I read and review YA the most. I am quite critical of YA and will not enjoy a story that relies too heavily on plot tricks (i.e. main characters knows the mystery but won’t tell the reader until the very end, ugh), love interests/triangles, or characters that act too young. Really, what I’m looking for in a YA story is a book that can be read and enjoyed by folks of all ages, young and older, and which is high concept.

Crossover – What I said above. I will gladly read an adult text if it has crossover appeal and my review will certainly cover this aspect.

Graphic Novels – Bring them on! Any genre will work for me.

Picturebooks – I feel that I am less adept at critiquing and reviewing picturebooks than my fellow book warriors so I leave it mostly to them. However, if you have a high concept picturebook that plays with the medium or is distinctly post modern, I would certainly give it an extensive look and review. Think outside the page.


Print copies only, please. Like Yash, I’m a sucker for fantasy novels, but am happy reading just about any genre or age classification (middle readers, survival stories, picturebooks) so long as the writing quality is high (i.e. interesting, complex characters who develop and change) and the tale really is what is promises to be. If a story has no real female characters (or no real male characters, although I’ve yet to come across that), if the romance sub-plot consumes the entire narrative, if the writing is mediocre, don’t send it to me. The review will be critical and honest. I particularly like tricksters, loyal friends, sibling relationships, crown- or village politics, and flawed but striving (and growing) protagonists.

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