The Cover Wars

The Cover Wars is a weekly meme that we do where we verbally “war” over 5 different covers. The covers we choose are entirely arbitrary and depend on whoever is formatting the posts. At this point we do not accept suggestions for covers we “war” over.

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme started and hosted by brokeandbookish.com. The Book Wars usually use the same topics as suggested on the host blog but oftentimes we come up with original topics.


Dog-Eared is a monthly post that usually goes up on the last day of every month and contains links and news we have come across on our daily meanderings around the interwebs.


Snapshots is a feature born out of a twitter chat concerning diverse blogs. Oftentimes real life doesn’t allow us to write in-depth reviews of all the books we read. When that happens, there’s Snapshots where we talk with just enough detail to limn the book’s strong points.

World of Word Craft

Interviews with authors about their writing processes in an attempt to help aspiring writers with their own craft. A look behind the scenes, so to speak.

Notes from the Wild with Jane Whittingham

Jane, a children’s librarian, talks about her experiences in a children’s library in this bi-weekly column.

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