Dog-Eared: March 2015

An interesting post (part three of a series) considering what we know and know we know, what we know without realizing, what we know we don’t know, and what we don’t know we don’t know. Alias thought-provoking look at cultural sensitivity and diversity in response to Malinda Lo’s posts on YA novel reviewing.


Nina Lindsay’s article on the 2015 Youth Media Awards. Just awesome.


On an annoying, prevalent idea of female beauty (cue Certain Vampire Novel) (also, cue Certain Boy Band Song), and what makes this blogger feel beautiful – not always what makes her look beautiful.


Debbie Reese’s open letter to David Arnold. author of Mosquitoland concerning, amongst other things, the misrepresentation of Indigenous people. She brings up very important points that need to be heard by everyone.


Terry Pratchett, author of the fantastic Discworld series, passes away at 66.


In an interview, Andrew Smith recently admitted that he isn’t able to write female characters properly because women are such a mystery to him. This blogger talks about why this is problematic.


Seventh-graders made a 90-second video of Megan Whalen Turner’s The Thief. Very funny but please DO NOT WATCH unless you have already read the book.

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