We are here to blog about amazing books, good books, bad books, downright naughty books, books that make you cry (for whatever reason), and books that make you want to start again to figure out what happened. Everything posted is our own opinion and at that, not all of us will agree with each other. We encourage debate! Get back to us, argue and intrigue. We all speak for ourselves and will unabashedly offer reviews. However, we will not be rating books on a 5 star scale. We do not find this measure useful and instead, we will blog about the strong and weak points of the writing while trying to gauge why you, dear readers, may or may not like the books in question. We encourage guest posts and reviews; drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with specifics.

We will keep you up to date on the children’s and young adult literature scene – with a focus on Canada and the United States. We’ll have literature features and themed months, we’ll discuss trends and issues in children’s lit and scholarly works that are pertinent for discussion. We’ll have field trips to indie bookstores, author interviews, publishing house staff interviews, posts by people who work in the field and more.

Our goal is to encourage you to keep reading, to help you leave or flush out your genre zone and maybe dabble in something new and exciting.

And watch for actual book wars!

All content posted on the site is copyrighted to the authors. Please obtain permission before posting elsewhere.

To contact us, please email us at or tweet us at @TheBookWars. If you would like your book reviewed by any one of us specifically, please write the name of the preferred blogger in the subject line of your email.


9 responses to “Manifesto

  1. My mother had a master’s degree in child development and children’s literature, so naturally I grew up in a household stuffed with books. When friends of mine started getting married and having children, I went through our massive collection of amazing children’s books and made a (huge) list of all the titles I thought worth passing on to the next generation. I then dedicated myself to finding copies of all of them, many of which were long since out of print, to give to my honorary nieces and nephews. Ebay is my chosen hunting ground and spending so little on each book allows me to be ridiculously generous in giving them away, and I do so by the hundreds. I’m sure I’ll find lots of titles here that will be judged worthy of being added to “The List”. =) Is there anything more important you can give to a child than the love of reading?

    • You’re doing amazing work; there really is nothing more important than fostering a love of literature on young children. I hope you find some good titles here. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I love your blog! You clearly have good intentions and your writing is amazing! Keep up the good work!

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