#ShareYourShelfie: July Shelfies

In the beginning of the month, I launched the #ShareYourShelfie movement because I love looking at other peoples’ shelves. We didn’t get many submissions sadly BUT I have decided to make #ShareYourShelfie a monthly thing…as long as we have even one submission, there will be a post on the last day of the month.

We do have some interesting shelfies for your viewing pleasure this month. The first one comes from Shenaz Kermalli:

Shelfie 1

She says:

Attached is a pic of some of my bookshelves… Not really possible to do a selfie as the shelves are pretty high up. Most are based on politics and religion, with some random Canadian fiction and poetry thrown in. I don’t arrange them in any particular order as I like to always see the range of genres out there and remind myself again of the scattered world we live in. From the horrifyingly destructive ways of Putin to Pi’s wondrous exploration of religion to the melodiousness of Rumi poetry, there is nothing more enjoyable on a day when the kids are out than curling up with a book from this shelf.

About me: bookshelves are more revealing than we perhaps think they are. You can perhaps tell from looking at these shelves that: I am a bit of a news junkie and history buff esp when it comes to all things Middle East and south Asian, that I am a journalist by profession and that my
educational and work experience has been colored by my time living in London UK.


Then we have a “Shelfie” from Jay:

Shelfie 2

He explains:

Is my #shelfie an actual shelfie? Well, no. But am I immensely proud of it? Hell yeah. See, the school I teach at is over enrolled, which means that I don’t have my own room to teach in. No room means no book shelf for my students to pull books from, hence Mr. Spicer’s roving book bag. The book bag was cool because students would have to crowd around it at the front of the room while choosing something to read. This led to spontaneous conversations about books (Yay! Accidental class discussions). The other thing I noticed about the book bag was that students took pride in carrying it from room to room for me. I think the best thing about the shelf/not-a-shelf was when students started adding their own books to it for others to read. So that’s my #shelfie #notashelfie. Keep up the great work Book Warriors!

Thanks Jay!


Next, we have one from Laura Rinaldi:

Shelfie 3

She says:

This is my bookshelf with all my favorite books both from my youth and more recently.


Finally, we have a Shelfie from Glaiza:

Shelfie 4

She says:

Hi, I’m Glaiza, an eclectic reader, aspiring writer and occasional blogger. Favourite genres: speculative fiction and fantasy. The bookshelf is a hot mess, so I took a snapshot of the top shelves. The horizontal piles on the left are TBR and the black purse protect the e-reader. Books are arranged by author, mood and mutual brilliance. For bookish thoughts, the random book blog: https://paperwanderer.wordpress.com/

Thanks for sharing your shelfies, guys! I loved looking at them.

Do you have a shelfie to share? If so, #ShareYourShelfie! Send us your shelfie at agloryofunicorns@gmail.com and along with it, send us a paragraph about your shelfie or yourself.

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