Snapshot: I Am Beautiful by Rupinder K Rajwan


Hardcover, 34 pages
Published April 21st 2014 by Rupi Rajwan
Source: Library

Beautiful is inside you; beautiful is you, everyday. I believe we need to show the meaning of ‘beautiful’ to children at a younger age. My education entails a Bachelors of Arts in Child and Youth Care and a Diploma in Early Childhood. This Project: I am Beautiful, all came about after my three and a half year old daughter made a comment, “I am beautiful…only in a dress.” I was quite surprised of her comment, and realized even though my daughter’s surroundings and influences were well balanced (she plays with dolls and trucks), somewhere, somehow she had learnt that ‘beautiful’ was only in a dress. There has been many discussions in the media in regards to beauty and how it affects youth, and teenagers all the way into their adult life. However, it sparked an idea in my head! Due to my educational background coupled with my experience in Early Childhood, I am aware of the first five years of a child’s life, are the foundation to create knowledge for a child. Why not, create the meaning of ‘Beautiful’ at a young age? Why not establish the inner meaning of ‘Beautiful’ at a young age? With the help of a few friends and family, I created this book. Not only the book, but the pictures as well. I wanted to portray ‘beautiful’ naturally not edited to be perfectly beautiful. Yes, professional pictures are beautiful, no doubt! However, the message I would like to create is “Beautiful is inside you; beautfiul is you, everyday.”

I highlight this book because it is important that children realize their beauty from an early age. I am Beautiful is a simple but rewarding book to read with your child. Perhaps the read will springboard into a discussion of what beauty means and how a person doesn’t necessarily need to be physically perfect (though who defines perfection is another topic altogether) to be beautiful. Granted, the pictures chosen could have reflected more diversity but the message is strong. Books like these should be more common.

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