Sunshine Blogger Award

It’s been a while since we did one of these fun posts, so we took Madiuram‘s very kind nomination as an opportunity to take a break from our monthly theme. :) Here are our answers to her interesting questions!

Who do you write your blog for?

Nafiza: For YOU, dear Readers. And for me as well. Because why not?

Yash: What Nafiza said! Yes! But also a little for me because sometimes I need to release my not-so-inner fangirl.

Steph: Ditto! I write it for you guys and because I love and respect Children’s and Young Adult literature.

Would you call your sense of humour average or a little strange? Why?

Nafiza: I’d call my sense of humour totally normal but I hear Yash snorting already. So, um, strange. I don’t know? I’m a littttttle macabre. Just a tiny bit.

Janet: My sense of humour is perfectly normal for my family and average for my friends. So my humour is probably more than a little strange – but it feels normal to me!

Yash: *snorts at Nafiza* *nods at Janet* I think my sense of humour is kind of evil but mostly goofball. Is that … normal? *crosses fingers*

Steph: I’m not sure what I am… I would like to think I’m quippy and punny, but that’s kind of goofy really so… goofy?

What did you imagine your future would be like when you were a child?

Nafiza: When I was a child, I didn’t think of the future. Honest. All I was concerned about was playing, books, food, and playing-wait, I still am. Oops.

Janet: Inasmuch as I imagined the future, I was curious about career possibilities. I thought for a while that I might be a spy. The problem, I soon realized, was that lying was wrong. So either I would have to be a spy perfectly adept at misleading while speaking the exact truth (i.e. like the faerie), or I would have to think of something else.

Yash: I wanted to be able to grow wings and fly once I hit thirteen so, adulthood, thus far, has been largely disappointing.

Steph: I wanted to be a Lawyer for the longest time – and then I realized that all I ever wanted to do was write and read fiction and so… that’s where I ended up!

Do you prefer listening to your radio, your iPod (iPhone, mp3, whatever), CD, or other, while in the car?

Nafiza: It depends on the mood I’m in. Usually I take the time to think either of my stories or the world. If I’m with someone else then I prefer listening to music over conversations.

Janet: I usually listen to the ambient sounds of the road.

Yash: iPod. If the road is noisy, loud music. If it’s calm and serene, an audiobook.

Steph: Music in the car. Audiobooks while walking. Music while cleaning. Audiobooks while cooking. It varies :)

If your house was on fire and all living inhabitants were safely out of harm, what would you grab before you left? Why?

Nafiza: Do you really need to ask? I probably would die in the fire because I wouldn’t know which book to rescue. Now I’m sad. Thanks.

Janet: I know but I’m not telling.

Yash: My laptop and Kindle.

Steph: Laptop, passport and my tennis raquet… this is the zombie apocalypse, right?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of “love” (romantic or family, doesn’t matter)?

Nafiza: I don’t know. Driven for hours in search of bubble drink cuz my brother was craving it in the middle of the night? Pretended to be a customer to call my cousin’s crush to see whether he was at work?

Janet: As you might have guessed from my answer to the humour question above, my sense of crazy is a little warped. What standard of crazy are you applying?

Yash: Not telling.

Steph: Too many things – from dancing in public to running (ew!) to wearing matching sailor scout costumes… I mean, what do you count as crazy?

 What’s your philosophy on finding happiness?

Nafiza: Live each day as though it were the most precious day you’ll ever have the chance to live. A philosophy I don’t always follow myself. I’m trying.

Janet: Finding happiness? It’s not like it’s hiding on you. I tend to be happiest when I have meaningful and measurable work to do, when bike rides are regular, when I anticipate seeing friends soon, and when I remember to pray regularly. Also when I have both silence and song, as necessary.

Yash: I don’t think I have a philosophy. I just do the stuff I like and stay away from people who make me hate myself.

Steph: If you hate something, don’t do it anymore and you’ll be happy.

Why did you start your blog?

Nafiza: Cuz I wanted to work with my awesome colleagues and badgered them until they agreed. *beam*

Janet: Because Nafiza said so. And then Steph and Yash said so. *baaas pitifully like an unusually docile sheep*

Yash: Nafiza made me. O_O

Steph: It was Nafiza’s idea, and then I went gungho because, well, this is fun!

What was your favourite pastime as a kid?

Nafiza: I’ll give you one guess.

Janet: I did spend a lot of time reading.

Yash: Reading. Duh. (But also bullying my friends into reenacting Disney movies … and changing the end, effectively play-acting fanfiction.)

Steph: Reading and torturing my little sister.

If you could miraculously get any role in a musical, TV show, or movie, who would you want to be?

Nafiza: I have zero desires to be an actor. I’d like to write a script for a play someday though.

Janet: The problem with this is that I can’t act. It would be awfully fun to try voice-over. Is that what it’s called when you are the voice for an animated character? But if we’re talking miracles here, I’d like to be good enough to sing in a musical. Or a movie. A good musical or movie, please.

Yash: If I could act or sing, I’d love to be part of an all-female production of The History Boys.

Steph: I would love to do voice acting actually, as Janet mentioned. I think it would be fun – and I would love to do the voices for audiobooks too. I could do radio. I just don’t think I could be on T.V. really.

How difficult do you imagine writing 11 questions for your nominees will be?

Nafiza: Not very.

Janet: There are four of us, so we individually don’t have to write many questions.

Yash: Actually, there are three of us at the moment and one of us *points to self* is a terrible, no-good slacker. So. DIFFICULT!

Steph: Haha, I didn’t have to because I’m the uber slacker. <3

Our nominees are:

And these are our questions:

  1. To be eligible for this award you must like pineapple. Do you like pineapple? No? How about oranges? Grapes?
  2. If your life was a book, who would it be written by? Why?
  3. Team Werewolf or Team Superhero? Why?
  4. What’s your idea of a perfect novel?
  5. What’s your favourite song written in a language other than your first language?
  6. When you were a child, what did you imagine you would be or do when you grew up?
  7. Do you like walking barefoot?
  8. If a character could live in your head and narrate your life, who would it be?
  9. Think of all your OTPs. You must now choose one to break apart tragically. Which one would it be and why?
  10. If you could read only a single book for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Thanks again for the nomination, Madiuram! You’re a ray of sunshine yourself! <3

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