Welcome to September!

AKA the Perfect Month! ✧・゚:*ヽ(◕ ヮ ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The summer-fall transition means that, if you’re in Vancouver, you get a decent mix of sunshine and rain–which means Nafiza and I can stop arguing over whose idea the rain/sun was anyway.

September also means: new theme!

This month, we are all about … S P A C E!

THE FINAL FRONTIER! *ahem* I mean, we are about all kinds of space, including the kind that Amy Poehler dances in:

  • Space could definitely refer to the final frontier, though. Also, non-fiction on awesome space adventurers. Definitely look forward to Jane’s post on Mae Jemison! *__*
  • Space could also refer to liminal/complicated/transitional spaces, and I may have a couple of book recommendations to that end! Hint: One is something that’s leftover from last month’s theme!
  • We could also just mean a mysterious setting or an exploration of landscape. I think Nafiza has more to say here. And she most definitely will be talking about The Land of Forgotten Girls by Erin Entrada Kelly.
  • I am certain Janet (and maybe even Steph) will have awesome things lined up too!

September also means a ton of new releases that we’re excited to talk about here: Cindy Pon’s SacrificeThe Bronze Key by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare! A somewhat belated look at Kate Elliott’s Poisoned Blade! And! We have some exciting blog tours coming up:

  • For Zoraida Córdova’s Labyrinth Lost
  • and Sarah Porter’s Vassa in the Night

It’s a pretty full month, you guys! And we may have some B I G news as well! Stay tuned. ^_^

And happy September!

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