Spotlight: Cirsova Magazine

As a follow up to the “I’m Back!” post this morning I’d like to draw all of your attention to:


This Zine is brought to you by our very own fellow blogger Cirsova (a.k.a. Alex) who frequently comments and participates here on The Book Wars. He comes from a sci-fi and table-top gaming background (much like yours truly) and when I saw his project on Kickstarter back in January I had to reach out.

That said–this post is about four months late! The only upshot to that is that Issue #1 is already available to you AND Issue #2 is well on it’s way.

Here are a couple of reasons why you might like to pick up Cirsova: Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine:

  1. This Zine is chock full of very cool and very creative stories by new and established authors. Support up and coming fantasy and sci-fi authors and enthusiasts!
  2. There’s a story told entirely in verse, women have pretty powerful and cool roles throughout the stories, and sci-fi abounds (time travel, space, alien cultures–you name it, this Zine has got it, it’s great <3).
  3. You like heroic stories. Yes, they are a little campy, but they are so much fun–and not all of them end the way you think they might end . . . ;)

I encourage you all to help support a fellow blogger who has kickstarted his own Zine! This is no meagre feat and something to be admired. So, here are a couple ways you folks can help:

  1. Simply frequent the Cirsova blog and check out all the cool stuff happening over there, oh and the updates on upcoming issues! (Issue #2 features an article by award winning author Kristine Katheryn Rusch that will discuss women in Sci-Fi! *fangirl faint*).
  2. You can submit your own articles and stories for upcoming issues (issue #3!) and support in your own creative way (get writing!)! Make sure to check out the submission guidelines.
  3. Last but not least you can buy issue #1 and/or begin a subscription!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy Cirsova!


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    • Thanks!

      Also, I’d like to note, if anyone with a blog would like to come and leave a comment on our stickied post, we’ll send them a free review PDF copy of issue 1!

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