Sing a Song of Motherhood . . .

Dear Readers,

It’s been a while!

I haven’t posted a personally hand typed post in a very long time and I’m feeling a little rusty. Sure, participating in TTT and Cover Wars is fun and all, but I have missed simply writing out my thoughts on books. So, where have I been?

Hanging out with this little ray of sunshine:

(There were too many cute pictures to choose from!)

Now, initially (and by initially I mean when Abigail was still inside of me), I figured I’d be able to keep up my rigorous routine of reading, reviewing, writing, volunteering, working and general housekeeping/living . . . oh, how wrong I was. It wasn’t like I wasn’t told that my entire life would change, it’s just that nothing anyone could have said could really have prepared me for the storm that hit my life when little Abigail came along.

As with most storms, at first it was a light rain. It was the little things, like, I no longer referred to myself as I, it was always We–“We’re good” or “We’re tired today”–we’d fall into a routine and I’d get some work done and then we’d fall right back out of it again the following week. Each week was a new glorious and frightful adventure through growth spurts, developmental changes, teething, the inevitable cold and travelling to visit the new grandparents.

Once we moved to Toronto and she started crawling I kissed my own routine goodbye and fell into step behind Abigail. Not only was she into absolutely everything, she was really beginning to interact and to learn from me and to enjoy the company of others more than ever–I couldn’t just let her play with blocks alone! It’s much more fun with two (she reminded me of this often!).

It has been very hard to just sit in front of the computer and write a blog post, let alone respond to emails or even tweet (that would mean actually checking in with the Children’s Lit world and sinking into my chair), and so a sort of maternity leave started. I have to thank my fellow Book Warriors and also Jane (a Book Warrior now too!) for taking up my slack–they rock <3

I haven’t been completely idle–I still work with IBBY, I still write the odd review for Q&Q and Booknews–and most importantly I have discovered the wonderful wonderful thing that is the Listening Library and the many audiobooks that I can listen to through the library right on my phone. I listen while I clean, while I cook and while I stroll with Abigail. I listen all day long–and so does Abi! She’s very well read. Oh, yes, there’s that too. I read to Abi a lot because, well, she really likes books. Why wouldn’t she?  She’s a big fan of I Want My Hat Back and Where the Wild Things Are, oh and a weird potty training book that features a cat who looks exactly like our cat . . .

Abi is now one, and I think we’re I’m ready to start settling into a routine again. Blogging here at The Book Wars is a part of that. This is all to say: I’m back!

2 responses to “Sing a Song of Motherhood . . .

  1. Hello. I stumbled across your blog from a post on So Long… & Thanks For All the Fish. Welcome back. I will be following the blog and looking forward to more of your posts. Frankly, I don’t know how amyone with children under the age of 18 find the strength to blog. Ha ha. ☺

    • Hahaha
      I know what you mean! I guess I look forward to nap times a little more than those mothers who don’t blog :)

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