TTT: Books We Picked Up On A Whim

TTT Top Ten Tuesday The Book Wars

TTT is a meme by The Broke And The Bookish. This Tuesday, we talk about impulsive decisions.


For me these are usually those yardsale or used bookstore buys . . .

  1. Witch and Wombat by Carolyn Cushman was one such book back when I was going through high school. It was hilarious and fun, well written and simply and enjoyable read that I wasn’t necessarily expecting . . .
  2. Origami Yoda I picked up because I love Star Wars and I’d seen a kid reading it on the bus. This book, if not the whole series, is hilarious and fun and told in a very endearing format :)
  3. I actually picked up a used copy of Artemis Fowl on a whim at a garage sale while living in Ottawa. It was good *shrugs* I read it as an adult, post-masters and I’d been reading through loads of middle grade and this one was . . . good (but in many ways very similar to loads of middle grade books, thus, predictable)!
  4. Battle Royale was a whim when I bought it and I had an agenda by the time I actually read it. Very very good.
  5. Countless books that I either read or didn’t read and don’t remember, lol, they just blur into the rest and therefore weren’t really standouts, but still treasured books :)


For me, these were books I liked the look of and put them on hold at the library or bought them secondhand. To be honest, it has been a while since I pick books up on a whim. I try to make informed decisions as much as I can and well. Yeah.

  1. Vano and Niko by Erlom Akhvlediani
    This is a translated book by a Georgian writer. It’s strange and oftentimes a bit frustrating, reaching towards that kind of high lit that is perhaps only comprehensible to a certain few. Still, I’m glad I gave this one a chance and rescued it from the sale pile at the library.
  2. The Accident Season – Moira Fowley-Doyle
    This was the book that restored my shaky faith in YA. I liked it.
  3. Wake of Vultures – Lila Bowen
    Hmm. I still don’t know. I’ll have to read the second one to see how I really feel about this book.
  4. Updraft – Fran Wilde
    I liked this one quite a bit. Good job, Nafiza.
  5. The Girl with the Ghost Eyes – M. H. Boroson
    Nope. Not a good job, Nafiza.


Much of my reading, historically speaking, has been serendipitous. I like going into the library and discovering what  books, this time, speak from the shelves, informing me that now is their turn to be taken home and read. 

Some (comparatively) recent happy discoveries:

  1. The Winter People by Joseph Bruchac.
  2. Wanting Mor by Rukhsana Khan.
  3. Arabel’s Raven by Joan Aiken (illustrated by Quentin Blake).
  4. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith.
  5. Clarice Bean Spells Trouble by Lauren Child.


Um, yeah, I don’t do impulsive reading either. Hm. Let me see:

  1. The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling: I bought it because of Rowling. I still haven’t read. Not sure I care to. I’m not even sure if I still have it.
  2. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare: Pretty sure I bought it because it was a monthly deal on Kindle or something. It was a good decision.
  3. American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang: I couldn’t afford to get Boxers & Saints and I was also sick of missing out on Yang’s work, so this happened. (Obviously, I loved it.)
  4. On Beauty by Zadie Smith: I am only including this here because I genuinely don’t remember what drove me to read Zadie Smith, but whatever it was, I’m glad it happened.
  5. X by Ilyasah Shabazz and Kekla Magoon: I saw it on the shelves, it had to be mine, and it is and I adore it.

2 responses to “TTT: Books We Picked Up On A Whim

  1. I forgot Wake of Vultures, which I picked up after listening to the author speak at a book festival. She made it sound interesting, so I thought I’d give it a try. Haven’t read it yet, though. My TTT

  2. Man, Wake of Vultures got so deep into my soul so damn quickly! I’m still not sure what happened, but I do know that I really dug the way it handled gender.

    To the point of the post: I still don’t know how Lysley Tenorio’s Monstress ended up in my Kindle, but holy moses it was good.

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