May and the Immigrant Experience

In case you were like me and continuing blithely along without caring for the passing of time, IT’S MAY.

May 1st to be exact. I’ll spare you the whole “time is moving so fast” and “oh my granny’s garters, where’s the year going?!” stuff because it has been (and will be, and is being) said.

But jokes aside, this month at The Book Wars we will be tackling a pretty important and socially relevant theme. We all have heard about the refugee crises and people fleeing their war-torn homelands seeking refuge in other countries. I won’t get into the politics of the things because that is not what we do here (unless provoked) but the immigrant experience is something that a lot of people are experiencing for themselves right now.

(ed: there’s a whole lot of redundancy in that paragraph but let’s pretend that it makes absolute sense.)

This month at The Book Wars we are going to explore literature that details the immigrant experience. I will talk about my own experience as an immigrant and the things that helped me cope with moving to a different country and life. There will be a part two of Reading Diversely, some poetry, and oh YES. Gosh, I almost forget. We are hosting an interview John Patrick Green (of Hippotamister) did with Judd Winick (Hilo) on May 5th (put together by Gina from First Second). We also have another blog together tour (ed: yikes) organized by Melissa from Raincoast books but more information on that later.

I’ll be honest–I’m not sure what the other 4 (Jane too!) are going to be writing about but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be awesome. Because let’s face it, we do awesome well. ;)


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