Blog Tour: Question and Answer with Janet B. Taylor, author of Into the Dim


The Question:

Could you talk a bit about the research that you did for Into the Dim? Or alternatively, could you talk about the work you drew inspiration from while writing the novel?

The Answer:

Well, I’ve been a history nerd for most of my life. And historical fiction was always been my favorite genre. There’s something so magical, so majestic about those long ago eras. Even before I decided to write Into The Dim, I did extensive historical research, buying WAY too many books about all aspect of the medieval period. But I get the best research done while travelling. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Europe, visiting the places where my characters (especially Eleanor of Aquitaine) had lived and died. I even spent the night at Fontevraud Abbey in the Loire Valley of France, the place where Eleanor, Henry, and their son, Richard the Lionheart is entombed. For me, that was almost like my very own time-travel. For the sci-fi part, I researched time travel theories put
out by several of the most esteemed minds of the twentieth century, like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, who believed time travel might one day be possible.


Thanks for the sweet answer, Janet. Into the Dim will be out on March 1st and should be available where books are sold.

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