Snapshots: Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova


Paperback, 224 pages
Published July 21st 2015 by Yen Press
Source: Library

  1. So I was totally unprepared for the awesomeness I would find in this graphic novel when I went into it.
  2. I mean, of course the cover gave me a glimpse of the POC heroine but that did not prepare for the level of amazingness.
  3. The book is a true reflection of the diversity that exists in most classrooms all across North America.
  4. And there is no tokenism or even an awareness of this inclusion but simply a matter of fact–this is how it is so this is how I’m going to show it feeling.
  5. Do I make sense?
  6. Pretend I do.
  7. Anyway, the story is simple. Peppi Torres gives in to peer pressure and shoves away the only kid who had tried to help her up when she fell down on the first day of school.
  8. Because he is a nerd and she got flustered at being called the nerd’s girlfriend by these very vile bullies. So she shoved him away and fled.
  9. And proceeded to feel like crap for weeks later. Even when she found a place to belong in the art club, she still couldn’t get this sense of guilt that kept eating away at her on the inside.
  10. And she cannot seem to be able to approach him to apologise. Or maybe he just hates her?
  11. She doesn’t know and it’s driving her crazy.
  12. Then disaster strikes when the art club is told that the table they were going to get at the school fair is being given to the science club instead.
  13. Obviously the art club isn’t going to take this lying down. Or sitting down. Or anything that doesn’t involve shrieking loudly at the injustice of it all.
  14. They are told that they don’t contribute to the school and community whereas the science club does.
  15. Which is true but…the science club is also made of vile people some of whom are related to those in the art club.
  16. Jaime, the boy Peppi shoved away, is also in the science club.
  17. Jaime is also the tutor who the science teacher assigns her after her work becomes less than stellar.
  18. The teacher is awesome by the way. Like seriously crazily awesome.
  19.  Here:
  20. Awkward-4
  21. Anyway, this graphic novel is probably my favourite graphic novel right now.
  22. It just manages to capture that sense of childhood with all its vulnerability and insecurity and hope and positivity.
  23. Friendships evolve and change and a sense of peace is achieved.
  24. Also, the way the bullies are confronted by their peers and made to realize their cruelty is beautifully done.
  25. The science club and the art club coming together to realize and work around their individual shortcomings is also a great read.
  26. What I’m trying to say that this book is a great read.
  27. Get it for your children and then read it yourself. Or just get it for yourself.
  28. Just get it.

4 responses to “Snapshots: Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova

  1. This sounds so cute. I’m buying to pick it up for me niece. Not for my of course :P because I’m a grown up. Just for my niece. Lol

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