PSA: Stellar Award is Back!

Awesome news if you, your students, or your children are too old to vote in the Red Cedar Award but love reading and discovering local authors. Thanks to Kari for the announcement below:

The Stellar Award, B.C.’s Teen Reader’s Choice Award, is back! After a two year lull in which a winner was not declared, the 2015/16 Stellar Award looks to be making a comeback and promises to be better than ever. With a renewed focus on social media through our new Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts, we’re working to generate renewed interest in the award. Several public libraries in the Lower Mainland have joined our efforts by reading the nominated books with their Teen Advisory Group, and at least one high school on Vancouver Island is running a Stellar Awards campaign. We think this is all great news for our rebuilding year, and are confident we will be declaring a winner in style this spring!

The Stellar Award celebrates Canadian Young Adult literature, and is an opportunity for youth to discover Canadian authors and connect with their peers across the province. The award is entirely volunteer-driven, and it is only made possible through the support of public libraries and schools across B.C. That’s where you come in!

Voting takes place April 18-22, and we would love to have teens from your community participate in our award process by submitting short book reviews. Please contact us at for ways to get involved, and encourage the teens in your life follow us on social media. Also, watch for the launch of our brand new website coming very soon!



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