Review: Stars Above by Marissa Meyer (A Lunar Chronicles Collection)


Hardcover, 304 pages
Expected publication: February 2nd 2016 by Feiwel & Friends
Source: Publisher

The Lunar Chronicles is received by a mix of feelings: some people love it, some people are indifferent, others dislike it intensely. I fall somewhere between the indifferent and love category. I quite enjoyed the novels on their but after reading this collection, I wish I had read the short stories in the order they were supposed to be read because they offer glimpses of Meyer’s world that showcase both the charming and poignant bits of it.

The Keeper

In “The Keeper,” the readers are treated to a glimpse of the amazing Michelle Benoit who kept Cinder safe while she was in stasis and growing old enough to undergo the cyborg-making procedure. We also get a glimpse of Scarlet and see how much she endured with a father who cared very little for his daughter. The most heartwarming thing about this short story was the clumsy but endearing way in which Michelle and Scarlet finds homes in each other.


Oh Iko. You remain awesome. Though Iko is the star of this one, the story is mostly about Cinder’s adoptive parents and her first few days with them She meets them and tries to find her way among them. I was hoping that the stepmom would exhibit some kind of humanity in this piece but unfortunately she doesn’t. Her circumstances shape her and her losses and later greed make her into the person she ultimately becomes–not to become the prejudice with which she views the world–especially, Cinder. I do love how we see Cinder find something that she is good at and work at it to create Iko.

The Queen’s Army

This was particularly heartrending. Seeing Wolf–Ze’ev transition from the boy he was into the soldier he became is particularly painful. His determination not to cede over his humanity no matter what they do to him makes for a wonderful read and revealing of the person we meet in Scarlet.

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky

Look, I like Thorne as much as anyone but this short story gave me pause and made me not like him so much. :\ I preferred to see him as innately awesome but this short story tore down the pedestal of Funny I had put him on. Oh well.

After Sunshine Passes By

OH MAN. This was painful as well. Cress’s journey from the institution in which she lived with the other shells to the satellite where she was imprisoned for such a long time is brutal to read especially since Cress is so innocent and prone to believe in the best of people. The moment she realizes that the satellite is to be her prison is…sad. Still. The story reveals the steely strength at her core which I appreciated very much.

The Princess and The Guard

I absolutely adored this story. Winter and Jacin are wonderful characters but didn’t have as much story time as the others did because of their position in the series. This story serves as a wonderful way to see their beginnings and spend a little more time learning them as people so that we can better understand their future actions and motivations.

The Little Android

This one slayed me. Why didn’t anyone tell me that Meyer enjoys drinking reader tears? A Little Mermaid retelling in the Lunar Chronicles style.

The Mechanic

Kai’s version of The Fateful Meeting that Changed His Life and Led to A Happily Ever After.

Something Old, Something New (Or Stars Above)

I won’t give away who got married but just know that the FEELS are all there. And squad goals. A lovely ending to a lovely series.

So look, I enjoyed these books a lot and I’m glad Stars Above exists because it is a grand sendoff to beloved characters. Meyer manages to large avoid sentimentalism and melodrama (especially in Winter) and she creates lovable characters who are all individuals  and full of verve.

If you are a Lunar Chronicles fan, definitely get yourself a copy of Stars Above. You will enjoy it a whole lot.

10 responses to “Review: Stars Above by Marissa Meyer (A Lunar Chronicles Collection)

  1. I dunno, you’re not really selling this one, with all your “this was painful” comments! But that is why I liked the series as a whole; there’s real character pain and therefore growth. (And I would love to see more of Winter; thought she really got shortchanged in the book with her name on it!)

  2. Thanks for this, I kept seeing the cover pop up on different social media sites but didn’t realize it was basically an anthology for the series. I still need to read Winter.

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