Welcome to November: Book Club Month


I can’t believe it’s already November (do we say this every month?)! As many of you, and a couple of us, are ramping up to write our 50 000 words for Nanowrimo we brilliant bloggers thought ahead and this year we are introducing a Book Club month. This way, since we made these recommendations months ago, we are all ahead of the game and ready to write, write, write!

This month each of us recommended one book to each of the other Book Warriors. We selected books that are our own favourites, that we thought each other would like or, at the very least, would have an interesting opinion about. The last book will be a book that each of us recommends to you dear readers. So, while I mostly know the list of books we’ll all be reading I think I’ll just keep it to myself, but be assured that we’ll be highlighting only recommendation favourites – and books that might be a lot of fun for your own book clubs!

As usual, throughout we’ll be posting our regular reviews for publishers, snapshot reviews, our Cover Wars meme and also the ever fun Top Ten Tuesdays. If we feel like procrastination from Nanowrimo we may throw in a discussion post or an extra book recommendation review :)

This month is all about keeping warm, cozying up with some favourite reads and participating in write-ins!

Happy November, and happy writing fellow Nanos!

8 responses to “Welcome to November: Book Club Month

  1. Looking forward to the books AND to hearing what you guys are up to in NaNo! I’m busy doing last minute character studies trying to figure out who my characters are in the present time…since over half of the book is them in various other lifetimes. *phew* I make things hard on myself.

    Good Luck!

    • Good luck!
      I need to plan more… but I just end up sitting there writing furiously and then furiously editing what I just wrote. It takes way more time than planning would, but it seems to be how I roll.

      • Sounds like me…except it is November and I’ve sent my inner editor on a lovely worldwide cruise. If he tries to come home before December 2nd, the captain of said cruise has been authorized to use any means necessary to keep the editor away from me. There may be chains and tofu involved.

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