Awards Galore!

So we’ve been like Adele at the Grammys and been nominated for many awards. Instead of doing a separate post, we’re going to address all of them in one post. We do like being recognized and are happy that people do think of us. The first award is the Creative Blogger Award and we were nominated by Alicia from Caffeine and Books. Thank you!


The second award that we were lucky enough to get nominated for is the Blogger Recognition Award and we were nominated by Jordan from I Will Never Own Enough Books (we hear you). Thank you!


And finally, we were nominated for the Sisterhood of the World blogger Award by Mariana from What the Hell is She Reading? Thanks so much!


Instead of doing all questions/facts separately, we’re going to combine everything into one post. Here are bookish facts about us:


  1. I may present myself as an authority on Dystopian books, but my secret love is Middle Grade mystery. Perhaps, if you read our Cover Wars posts this isn’t such a secret…
  2. I would absolutely love to actually write a book for young people. I have snips and pieces, but I’m not there yet.
  3. I use the library like it’s going out of style – everything is either sent to me from publishers/authors or ordered from the library in whatever format they carry – audiobook, e-book, hardcover, softcover – I’ll take it! Still, I prefer a bound copy of a book in front of me, I think this is partly because I’m addicted to bibliosmia and partly because of nostalgia. I’m just used to it – even if it makes my arms ache and my hands cramp up, if it makes my back sore or puts my neck in a kink, give me a real book anyday.
  4. If I buy a book it is always from my local bookstore.
  5. I used to skip school to read books, actually, I used to do this with a group of friends and we would just pass each other a book once we were finished… I think this is the read nerd test.
  6. As a kid I used to pretend to be fictional characters from Redwall. I mean, I was a kid, but I did this up until grade 8 or 9 with that same group of skipping-class-to-read-fiction friends. Those were good times.


  1. I read a lot. I mean, a lot. I’ve read 400 books this year.
  2. I read everything except Westerns, romances, and gore.
  3. I am a member of three different libraries and if I can’t find something in one library, I go to other one. Or else, there is ILL.
  4. I have more than 400 books on my TBR pile…er, mountain? I’m working on it but since I use the library so much, I read more books I check out from the library than ones I actually purchase. Must change that.
  5. I learned Korean because it annoyed me that I couldn’t read manhwa in its original language. I’m still a long way off but at least I made a start?


  1. As a kid I used to walk home from school reading, often a Redwall book. I did not need to look up except to check for cars.
  2. I do not hear my family when they call me to come to dinner. I am reading. (This has happened more often than I can count.)
  3. I am a member of three libraries and I still cannot find all the books I want to read.
  4. Barely a week goes by wherein I do not step into one or more libraries. Libraries are wonderful places.
  5. I (loudly) dislike romance-fuelled narratives, but if a story makes me laugh – really laugh, not a small chuckle or a cynical quirk of the mouth – I will devour it anyway.



Whoops. I am bad at awards. Sorry.

  1. When I obsess over a story, ever song reminds me of my favourite characters. Even if I’m totally reaching. For instance, Magnus Bane’s song.
  2. I may have the same number of TBR books as Nafiza …
  3. … it’s just that my books are spread over three countries.
  4. I dog-ear books a lot and when I have the time, I also add in marginalia. (Though mostly, those notes look like: “OH YOU POOR FOOL DON’T DO IT.”)
  5. As a kid, I read the majority of my favourite books while on the 45 minute bus ride to school. I made a few friends that way too. Now, however, I get nauseous when I read on the bus. :(


All of the bloggers. Yes, we think you all deserve recognition. So we’re giving it to you. Seize it!

ANOTHER EDIT FROM YASH: I know it seems impersonal, but it’s true. We get such lovely, thoughtful, interesting comments from you, our readers, and so many of you are bloggers. We’d love for you lot especially to do this one! And leave us a link in the comments section so we can check your posts out! <3

4 responses to “Awards Galore!

    • Libraries deserve all the love! That’s where books, free internet and nice librarians with great recommendations live. What’s not to love?

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