Word Vancouver 2015: Highlights

I attended Word Vancouver 2015 and very much enjoyed meandering around and outside the library, pausing to take in booths of the indie publishers. We don’t have any major publishers present in Vancouver so our version of Word on the Street is smaller in size but I reckon we still have as much enthusiasm for the written word as our counterparts on the east coast do. Anyway, here are a few glimpses from my time at the event:


The Poetry on the Bus was going strong:


Some things that caught my eye:





Two of my favourite publishers:



I was lucky and met Gloria Allen whose book was recently published by Granville Island Publishing:



There was a lot more to see but alas, I had an appointment and couldn’t stick around for me. If you’re ever downtown and the Word event is happening, make sure to go. It’s a wonderful gathering of literary folks who love reading. Everyone is friendly and there’s live music too.

3 responses to “Word Vancouver 2015: Highlights

  1. Nice! Me and Faith went to Toronto’s Word on the Street festival and sort of did the same thing :D We haven’t posted anything yet but we hope to by the end of the week :P
    What was your favorite part of the whole thing? Ours was a spoken word showcase

    • I think my favourite part was the booths. I loved wandering around and talking to the creators or publicists. Because Vancouver has a mostly indie publishing scene, the interactions felt a lot more intimate than they would otherwise. It was wonderful though to be among so many like-minded people.

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