TTT: As Book Bloggers We Love …

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme by The Broke And The Bookish. We are starting our third year as Book Warriors so this topic seemed appropriate. :)


Oh hey, happy birthday Book Wars! I remember when you were just an idea. *sniff sniff*

Anywaaay. I’ve been a book blogger for about five years now so there must be something I like about it right? Hee. But seriously, here’s a list:

  1. Working with my amazing colleagues. This may seem sappy and all but now that we’ve all graduated, life gets in the way of hanging out and working together. The blog is a medium through which we can see what the other is reading and loving and our conversations usually revolve around bookish stuff anyway. So that’s the first thing.
  2. As a book blogger, I often meet other people in the blogging community (either offline or online) who are amazing and who I wouldn’t come across if I weren’t a blogger. Either our wonderful readers or other bloggers who have interesting things to say or write wonderful reviews or offer you fun conversations. I love that.
  3. This one is obvious: I love finding about new books–you may thing you don’t need to be a book blogger to do this but if you have a themed blog like ours, sometimes you need to do some research on what book you want to read that fits in with the theme of the month. During searching journeys like those, you come across really interesting titles that you may not have otherwise.
  4. I love that book blogging keeps me writing semi-coherent pieces that exercises the analytical part of my brain and keeps it brain. Those things atrophy, you know.
  5. And finally, I love love love love it when my reviews convince someone to read a book. It makes me incredibly happy when people leave comments like “I’m buying/borrowing the book asap!” That feeling, ya know?




  1. Obviously, working with these fabulous ladies is going to be on top of my list. Plus, even though our contributors have been somewhat absent of late, I do like the folks on our contributors page.
  2. Reading some very unexpected stuff, stuff that seems very un-Yash-like, does make things interesting. I like that we have themes every month. It lets us explore books we’d otherwise be hesitant to pick up.
  3. Writing reviews is so hard. I think I suffer from excitement so often that every piece is a struggle– but it’s a good way to hone one’s skills, I suppose.
  4. Receiving sweet comments from our regular readers makes my day. No joke. I want to grab random people on the street and let them know what an interesting convo I had with people I’ve never seen IRL. Thank you so much for reading our posts!
  5. Interacting with other bookish people, receiving recommendations, and listening to their thoughts, as Nafiza said, is so great! I live for those moments, when words on a page/screen connect people who might never cross paths otherwise.

Here’s to many more years of this!

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