September: Alternate Media

Welcome to September, brave and gentle bibliophiles! We are kicking off The Book Wars’ third year* with a surprisingly non-bookish (but equally literary and enjoyable) theme: alternate media and alternative storytelling!

This month, we will be exploring non-print ways of storytelling. It will include everything from book-to-screen adaptations, radio-plays, podcasts, and more:

  • Steph will focus her energies on YA novels adapted for the screen, including analyses of The Hunger Games films, The Maze Runner and more.
  • Nafiza on Korean and Japanese dramas, ones with crossover appeal.
  • Janet wants to explore music as a way of storytelling, and maybe look at games and how they are incorporated (or not) within children’s literature.
  • I will be looking at my recent audiobook loves, reviewing a couple of Neil Gaiman radio-plays, writing an opinion piece on what I value in book-to-screen adaptations, and maybe also write a post on Welcome to Night Vale to go with my older one– especially since there will be a book out soon!

Aside from this, we will continue writing Snapshot reviews, posts on new releases, as well as reviews for ARCs we’ve received. So, stay tuned and enjoy your stay at The Book Wars. ^_^

*Our blog is now an itty toddler– the happiest toddler blog ever! Thanks for the support, you guys! <3

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