August: Books for Younger Readers

The title of this post is a complete lie. I plan to review many books that will be fantastic reading for older readers as well. There are other people in our coterie, er, our stable of bloggers, erm, I really should stop doing these things at 3 am. My point is, other people will tackle books for younger readers. I believe we have a new contributor making her debut this month as well but I have been known to be wrong so I won’t elaborate on that. Anyway. August. I have a ton of books that I will review and I know how much you guys love my reviews (or I pretend you guys do, let me have my delusions). Among these books are Circus Mirandus, Fatima and the Dream Thief, The Sign of the Cat and many more. We also have Kate Elliott dropping in with a post about her writing process which I am terrible excited for. I am also reviewing (being a total fangirl for, if I’m honest) Court of Fives which will be released on the 18th of August (preorder your copy now!).

Steph will be present sporadically (dealing with a new baby is difficult!) and Janet is doing mysterious things she hasn’t enlightened me on yet but it’s Janet so it’s bound to be awesome. Yash is reviewing books about puppies (who are very cute), a book by Kate Beaton, another one by Hannah Moskowitz and some others that I cannot remember. But really, just take my word for it. We’re doing wonderful things this month and you ought to look forward to these them. Of course the regular features will continue and yes.

Happy August!

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