February came and left astonishingly fast; even for, you know, a February. But now …

March is here!

Nature is busy renewing itself, and here at The Book Wars, we are going to talk of a different kind of renewal. Our theme this month is Retellings and we are excited to get started!

This March we will be taking the opportunity to read (and talk about) adaptations, retellings, tributes, and maybe even a few “inspired by”s. We will be looking at old tales told by new mouths, and certainly will be exploring some different media– from picturebooks and novels to webseries and fanart. We will be talking about the merits (if any) of keeping stories alive  and the pitfalls(if any) of hanging on to stories that no longer serve us.

Apart from these topics, we also have a bunch of new releases we’re set to review, we’re hoping to attend and document Rachel Hartman’s launch party for The Shadow Scale, and maybe even give you guys an author interview to chew on.

It’s set to be a great month here and we’re really look forward to your thoughts on our posts!

Happy Sunday, gentle readers! <3

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