New Year, New Start, New Theme!

Happy New Year, lovelies!


I mentioned on Twitter that I was the worst possible choice to do this month’s introduction post since the theme happens to be MIDDLE-GRADE MADNESS and I, uh, *coughing* *hacking* *collapses on floor* MayNotHaveReadAMiddleGradeBookSinceSeptember. *ahem*

And yet, I am can state with complete confidence that MIDDLE-GRADE MADNESS (yes, I am contractually obliged to scream that at you every time) will be awesome:

  • Nafiza has a bunch of exciting reviews lined up, along with a book list, and a discussion post on MG lit vs. YA lit.
  • Janet has a towering pile of MG books she will (eventually) pick and choose from, though she tells us to look forward to a post on Penelope Lively.
  • The future stretches out like a stressful fun question mark for Steph and I, but I’m sure we will partake in the MADNESS that is this month’s theme. I mean …

… just imagine! A whole month of celebrating book covers that don’t feature headless white girls in dresses are illustrated perfection, and stories that are full of young, charming characters, who probably don’t get involved in awkward/badly-written/forced love triangles, and probably have talking pets instead– we are excited and we hope you are too!

Also, we are very pleased to do a spotlight on Tundra Books this month, so do look forward to a week of gorgeous picturebooks and novels. There is also a SUPER SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT THAT CONCERNS ALL YOU DEAR READERS but I will leave that part to Nafiza! Keep your eyes peeled, book nerds!

I believe those are all the announcements we have for this month. We hope you’re all excited about the coming year! May it be more magical* than the last year!

Cheers. :)

[Psst! I used a GIF I’ve wanted to use for ages but I really hope none of your parties end like any of Jay Gatsby’s parties. O_O]

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