Dog-Eared: November 2014

Welcome to Dog-Eared, a new series of posts where the Book Warriors recap highlights in the book world at the end of the month. We’ll mention inspirational talks, great posts by other bloggers, and maybe even branch out into things and ideas that aren’t children’s literature-related but are worth dog-earring.

Highlights from November 2014:


Ursula K. LeGuin’s sharp, inspiring acceptance speech for a Lifetime Achievement Award.


A fascinating article by the Globe and Mail on the impact book clubs have in prisons. If you needed another reason to read and get children into reading (in fact, get everyone into reading), this is it.


Gate A-4, a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye, who has been described by Sharon Levin as “one of those genuinely warm, brilliant people who gives you such hope for the world.”


Daniel Handler makes a racist joke at the National Book Awards. The New York Times blog sums it up pretty succinctly.  Jacqueline Woodson’s wonderful response here.


Not exactly new news (I don’t think) but in case you didn’t know, Philip Pullman is writing a companion series (2-volumed work) to His Dark Materials trilogy now titled The Book of Dust. Reports (okay, his twitter) say that the book is still a work in progress and publication will most probably be in 2016. I know Stephie will be celebrating. Read more here.




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