An Introduction to November: Where Things Get Real

Anna M. Donnelly‘s flow chart about what contemporary realistic fiction is and what it deals with is pretty neat and revealing about the genre:


And all the books we’re discussing this month fall within this genre. Okay, I lie. Some of the books may be out of theme but generally all the books will be talking about painful things like growing up and puberty. Puberty’s painful. We’ve all been through it unless you’re still going through it in which case you have my sympathies.

We have great posts planned. I don’t know what Janet is doing but her posts are, as we all agree, all awesome so you should look forward to them. Stephie is going to be looking at a couple of publishing houses that publish realistic fiction, reviewing some books whose titles I don’t yet know and maybe a discussion post or so. Yash is going to be catching up on some reviews she didn’t manage to get done last month and then looking at a title by Rainbow Rowell among other books. I am going to be discussing all sorts of sad books because I do things like that. I will also be discussing the negative connotations of the term “sick-lit” in tandem with bibliotheraphy. It’ll be great!

Join us!

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