Publisher Spotlight Review: How To by Julie Morstad

How To by Julie Morstad


Hardcover, 36 pages
Published May 30th 2013 by Simply Read Books
Source: Purchased

This picturebook evokes childhood on every page by giving a glimpse of how even the most prosaic of things can become magical to a child.


I was extremely privileged to get a chance to hear Julie speaking about the process of writing this book. She also spoke a little bit about where she got the inspiration to write/draw it from. She said, if I remember correctly, that she simply observed her children playing and just watching them being children inspired her. (She actually said a lot more but that’s what stuck with me.)


Morstad’s art is simple and has a greater impact because of its simplicity. Honestly, it is an experience you need to have, especially if you are older and have forgotten what it is like to give in to your imagination and see the castle in the clouds.


One response to “Publisher Spotlight Review: How To by Julie Morstad

  1. Wow! It sounds like the perfect book for me to read. I try to draw inspiration for my stories from kids, too. But it is sometimes hard to notice those little things that they do. Maybe if I read this book, I will be able to see more of the things kids see. Cool, thanks for the recommendation! :D

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