Congratulations to Yash!

Congratulations to Yash, who successfully defended her thesis today! As far as we know, Yash is the first person who has ever applied (and adapted) Thing Theory to speculative children’s literature, and her explanation of this complicated theory was wonderfully clear. It was an excellent defence. Well done, Yash!

4 responses to “Congratulations to Yash!

  1. Congrats to Yash! Maybe a post on Thing theory? It actually sounds more exciting than String theory! And what on earth is speculative children’s literature? I have a mouse looking through some binoculars in my first children’s book. Is that sorta speculative?

    • I think I will do a post on thing theory sometime … but for now I get to (guiltlessly) read all the horror/fantasy I want to without having to think about my theoretical framework! Oh, and I think Janet meant “speculative fiction for children”- though I must say, your mouse sounds adorable and, yes, also speculative. ^_^

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