September: School Stories!


So if you’re not in Vancouver, chances are your teachers are not on strike and Elementary/MG/High School students are all returning to school tomorrow. In the spirit of school starting once again, we have decided that our theme for September is School Stories.

School is such a major part of children’s lives and it’s inevitable that a lot of fiction deals with the institution of learning. But rather than learning, I think what kids most need help with is a guide to help them navigate the often shark-infested waters of school. Bullying is real; peer pressure is real. But lest I be called a Debbie Downer, school can be incredibly fun. And I promise I’ll try to find books that portray school in a much more positive light – or if I can’t, postulate on why I cannot.

This month, we will be reviewing books set in schools or that deal with issues that crop up during school. We will looking at a variety of genres such as fantasy (yay!) and realistic (yay as well!). There will be discussion posts (because when are there not?) and reviews. Book lists – well, I promise book lists because I like making them. Yash has some upcoming releases to review that are not necessarily in theme but which are nonetheless awesome. I don’t know what Janet and Stephanie are doing but whatever it is, it’s going to be fantastic.

So, sharpen your pencils and polish your shoes, and we’ll see you bright and early every morning this month! Happy schooling, all you kids. Or adults. Or…I don’t know, everyone!

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