Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Really Really Wish I Owned

Top Ten Tuesday

We are diverging slightly from the Broke and Bookish this week. We are going to share the most coveted books on our wishlists. We have already read these and just want a copy to caress and praise and call our precious because we’re cool like that.


  1. The Principle’s of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman Because it is beautiful.
  2. Monsters by Christopher Dell I’m going to justify this as a research aid but truth is, I just want it.
  3. Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta The truth is, I could just the North American version for $20 cheaper. But I hate the North American cover and will covet this one until I can get it.
  4. Wild – Emily Hughes I loved this picturebook and need it for my collection.
  5. Blue Lily, Lily Blue – Maggie Stifvater Another truth, I have this preordered. I regret nothing.
  6. The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw – Christopher Healy I love this series. I have the first two and I need to complete my collection.
  7. Through the Woods by Emily Carroll I don’t think I need to explain this.


  1. Quite a number of books by Diana Wynne Jones:
    1. The Merlin Conspiracy
    2. Cart and Cwidder
    3. The Spellcoats
    4. Drowned Ammet
    5. Conrad’s Fate
    6. The Pinhoe Egg
    7. A Sudden Wild Magic
    8. Mixed Magics
    9. Reflections on the Magic of Writing (preferably the blue or write cover)
    10. Unexpected Magic
  2. Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley
  3. A few “Beauty and the Beast” picturebooks:
    1. by Max Eilenberg and Angela Barrett
    2. by Marianna and Mercery Mayer
    3. by Nancy Willard and Barry Moser
  4. The Arrival by Shaun Tan



(See? Look how beautiful and fitting the blue and white covers are… and then look at the black-and-red version.)


I believe mine are all beautiful omnibuses and collectors editions and picturebooks…

  1. The beautiful Sandman omnibuses that Yash has and that I am super jealous of. Actually, anything illustrated by Dave McKean, anyone?
  2. The wonderful Wasteland omnibuses (am I using this plural correctly? Is this even a word?).
  3. CLAMP! Everything by CLAMP!
  4. All of the picturebooks by Suzy Lee (pictured above). They are really lovely wordless picturebooks that play with the very format of the picturebook. Just clever and glorius and *drools*.
  5. All of the picturebooks by Oliver Jeffers.
  6. All of David Weisner’s picturebooks.
  7. All of Shaun Tan’s picturebooks.
  8. I just moved from Vancouver to Ottawa and I couldn’t bring many books… so the list can just continue on and on  and on and on (Flora and Ulysses, that Frankenstein graphic novel,
  9. OOOH! Guy Delisle graphic novels! Informative and beautifully illustrative… and often funny in that sad way that life is funny.
  10. All the books.
  11. Just give me all the books.


Basically, all the books as Steph said, but if I had to prioritize, I would go with all the illustrated books:

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