The Liebster Award

Hello all!

We have been nominated for another blogosphere award and because they are so much fun to participate in, here we go!


The Liebster Award Rules:

1) Link back to the person who nominated you.
2) Share 11 facts about yourself. (We’re going to do 5 each.)
3) Answer 11 questions that were asked by the person who nominated you.
4) Nominate 11 people who you think deserve the Liebster Award.
5) Ask 11 questions to your nominees to answer.
6) Ask your nominees to add that big green Leibster Award shield to their blogs.


The Book Wars’ Liebster Award Qualification

1. A big thank you to: Freefall 

2. 11 Facts about us: 


1. I’m a coffee addict. Even when I am not allowed to drink coffee, I’ll drink decaf. Some people don’t see the point, but that just means they aren’t addicted to coffee. Not truly addicted.

2. Unless it’s hot outside or I have to work, I wear jeans. I love jeans. I have lots of jeans.

3. I have moved cities 10 times, houses 15. All within Canada… so far ;)

4. I am a member of the local cinema called The Mayfare which I am thoroughly enjoying (I’ve seen A Man Most Wanted and Boyhood so far, and plan to see Magic in the Moonlight next week).

5. My grandpa is called the Karaoke King of Southern Ontario.


1. I’ve lived in 4 different countries.

2. Despite having lived in 4 different places, I think Steph has me beat on the number of times I’ve moved houses. (I believe I’ve moved houses a total of 12 times.)

3. Nine times out of ten, my choice of hot drink used to be tea … until Steph happened.

4. My (paternal) grandfather and I liked a lot of the same playwrights. Which is cool but also a bit creepy given that he died well before I was born.

5. I once let a stray cat into our house in Jubail, Saudi Arabia- I just really wanted a pet. The cat betrayed me, though. It ruined my Mum’s indoor plants. My Mum was not amused.


  1. I’m from Fiji.
  2. I once went out in the eye of a hurricane and got spanked for my efforts.
  3. I once incited the entire student body in my high school to come to school dressed in casual clothes. We were all sent home because the principal didn’t was a crusty human who wasn’t going to entertain our insubordination. Instead of going home, my friends and I went to the wharf where we bought ice cream and ate it sitting on the sea wall with our legs dangling.
  4. I participated in numerous Oratory competitions as a child and had somewhat of a reputation as an orator. The first time I took in a competition I was in grade three and forgot my entire speech for the ten seconds before I started from the beginning again.
  5. When the coup happened in Fiji, my cousins and I went home on sitting on the tray of a sugar cane truck that was returning to our village.

(I had an interesting childhood.)

3. Answer 11 questions asked of us by the blogger who nominated us. 

1: Nice and easy, favourite meal

Steph: Pasta. Spicy pasta and a glass of strong red wine. Anytime.
Nafiza: I can’t say. On rainy days, it’s pakoda, others it’s Korean food, sometimes the curries my mom cooks. I’m a woman of varying tastes.
Yash: Scrambled eggs on toast à la Ramsay.

2: Favourite Song

Steph: I listen to a lot of soundtracks while I write and read. I think that my favourite song is from The Fellowship of the Ring and it’s called “The Breaking of the Fellowship.”
Nafiza: Omg, Stephie! I listened mainly to the LOTR soundtrack while writing my thesis. “The Riders of Rohan” in particular was awesome for me.
Yash: I am still not over the Welcome to Night Vale live show. They brought their own weather and I loved “Black Rose”.

3: Favourite book

Steph: Not a fair question. I have too many favourites! If hard pressed I always say LOTR. I’ve read it enough times to quote passages.
Nafiza: Way too many for me to name only one. Sorry.
Yash: Yeah. This is an awful question. At any given moment, I have at least five faves.

4: Ok, enough with the favourites, If you could fall into any story/world/thing like that, where would it be?

Steph: Harry Potter for sure, I’d wanna be a witch!
Nafiza: I just read this book where there’s a library connected to all libraries in the world. I’d go to that world in a heartbeat.
Yash: Can I be a warlock in the Shadowhunter Universe? Then I get to party with Magnus Bane. Also, an eternity of reading! I can maybe even catch up!

5: If you could be a character from any book/movie, who would you be?

Steph: I think I’d want to be Storm from the X-Men (the comics, of course) because she avoids all the drama, or most of it, and also has the most kickass power. Plus interesting back story.
Nafiza: A circus goer in The Night Circus. I wouldn’t want to be a main character because I just want to go to the circus and have fuuun.
Yash: I would want to be a random earth bender in the ongoing Legend of Korra series. I am pretty stubborn and I like solid ground.

6: Do you believe in an afterlife – of any sort?

Steph: Nope.
Nafiza: Yep.
Yash: Somedays I believe in an afterlife. Somedays I don’t. Faith is something I struggle with often.

7: Which would you choose, a sensible stable career or chase after your dream?

Steph: I’m a Master of Arts in Children’s Literature, what do you think?
Nafiza: Hahah! What she said! ^^
Yash: Yeeahhhh, Steph’s said it all. :)

8: Disney?

Steph: Necessary evil.
Nafiza: Meh.
Yash: Loved it as a kid. Now, not so much.

9: If you could go anywhere or do anything for no costs, what/where would it be?

Steph: The pyramids. Because even at any cost now we can’t go inside them any more.
Nafiza: The Cotton Library before the fire destroyed several priceless manuscripts. Beowulf survived but think what others may have been lost?
Yash: Feeling pretty homesick right now. I’d go home to see my parents.

10: Biggest fear?

Steph: Yucky bugs.
Nafiza: Spiders. Ugh.
Yash: Yup, spiders.

11: What question do you think I should have asked here? lol

Steph: If you had one wish what would it be?
Nafiza: What is the craziest bookish thing you have ever done?
Yash: A mythical creature that best represents you?

4) Nominate 11 people who you think deserve the Liebster Award.

All the bloggers out there. We nominate you all because we think you are ALL special, dearest, awesomesauciest…I’ll stop now. – Nafiza.

5) Ask 11 questions to your nominees to answer.

1. Pineapple or mango?

2. If you had a pseudonym what would it be?

3. Favourite new release of 2014?

4. Within a fantasy setting, what would you designate the meaning behind your favourite colour to be?

5. How do you react when someone puts down your favourite book? Calls it negative things?

6. Do you think Harry Potter is no longer relevant?

7. Imagine you are reading a book and the last page, the most important page, is missing. How do you express your anger/frustration/rage?

8. Favourite book or movie that broke your heart?


10. What is the craziest bookish thing you have ever done?

11. If you had one wish what would it be?

Dear Nominees, please add the Liebster award green button to your blog:



2 responses to “The Liebster Award

  1. You guys are the best hahaha – I’m always highly entertained when I find out more about you! I totally understand the reasonings behind decaf coffee because YES. Coffee. Now. All the time! (But also tea. Because yum.) And holy cow that’s a lot of times you guys have moved! And Nafiza you’re such a badass lol

    I’ve already done the Liebster Award, but I’m currently really bored at work, so I’m going to answer some of your questions here:

    1. Mango. Who in their right mind would choose pineapple over mango?! Also I get sores if I eat too much pineapple :(
    4. This is an awesome question. I have no response, but I really like the question lol
    5. I generally seethe inside and try and change the subject. Unless the person won’t let me and then they need to be EDUCATED.
    6. O.o Is this a thing people think?! Do you guys think this? If so explain because that thought had never even occurred to me haha
    7. WHY GOD WHY GRAARTRRGHGH *melts into a puddle of despair*

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