The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

The very awesome Gwen over at Gwen and Kate’s Library nominated us for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award (thanks!) and since we strive to be inspiring every day of our lives (no we don’t, really), we thought we’d celebrate us getting that award and nominating some other deserving bloggers who blog awesomely because that’s what awesome bloggers do.


So there are rules. And they are:

1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you. (Done!)
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 (or as many as you can) other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

First of all, getting the award was like:


Second of all, facts about us. Since there are four of us, we’ll just go with 4 facts each. How does that sound? Good? Good.


  1. I like eating mangoes at midnight. I even wrote a really bad story about eating mangoes at midnight but then I burnt it so yep, it’s gone.
  2. My cousin reminded me of this today but one Eid, I clawed my way  up a muddy hill when it was raining and there were floods and everything (this is back when I was living on a sugarcane farm in Fiji) cuz nothing was going to keep me from getting my sweets. I take dessert really seriously.
  3. I have always wanted a middle name and resented my parents a little for not giving it to me. Actually, my parents didn’t even name me. Some dude who is a relative (we are no longer in contact with) did. Who does that? I mean really?
  4. I hate celery. More specifically, I hate the smell of celery. I can tell if it’s in a dish no matter how much sauces etc. you’ve put in the dish to mask its scent.


  1. I’m married and I have two cats. Mike (my husband) is an urban planner, not a picky eater and hates shopping. Pippin and Pooch are the cats. Pippin is adorable and just like a cat should be (playful and cuddly and a little moody and mostly sleepy) and Pooch is… odd.
  2. I like to cook. BUT everything I cook (and eat) is spicy in some way or another. I have about 5 or 6 different hot sauces in the house at any one time (and I ALWAYS have cinnamon sticks… for those sweet desserts that are just too sweet). Right now I have: Sriracha, Chili Garlic (Sambal Oelek), Tobasco, Valentina (my all time fave) and Chipotle – I’m missing a few faves: I like something with Habanero in it, and, I kinda like Franks Red Hot. I also usually have something from a farmer’s market to try.
  3. I don’t really like fruit. It’s sweet and it’s usually messy with cores and juices and pits. Fruit is inconvenient. Give me a nice crisp pepper or cucumber any day.
  4. I have a middle name, it is my Nan’s name and I refuse to tell people because then they start calling me that and then I feel like I’m a grandmother. Not cool.


  1. I study swordplay for fun. Rapier, mostly.
  2. I like fruit and consume large quantities of it. Apples, mangoes, oranges, bananas, kiwi, pomegranates, lemons, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, the works.
  3. Habit from my undergrad days: when I had time to kill at school, I would look up topics, authors, or historical persons of interest on the library catalogue, and then go find these books. Needless to say, my list of books to find was eternally longer than the number of books I was able to check out, which was still greater than the number of books I had time to read.
  4. This habit hasn’t changed much, except now the list of books to find (someday!) is exponentially longer.


  1. I am going to see the The Welcome to Night Vale cast live on the 8th of July, and I am so excited about this that I actually had a nightmare that I had slept through the event.
  2. I love having pen-pals and I love to dedicate at least 2-3 hours writing letters to people.
  3. When I was much younger, my family lived in a gated community in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, so we knew most of our neighbours. Whenever it was my Mum/Dad’s birthday or their anniversary, I used to cycle around the compound and tell everyone I met to bring presents because there was going to be PAR-TAY! The neighbours found it amusing. My parents … did not.
  4. I don’t cry easy. Or at all. I sold my soul a while back.

Bloggers We Think Deserve This Award

  1. The Book Smugglers – Because they’re cool.
  2. The Infinite Curio – She reads interesting books and her Wordless Wednesdays are beautiful.
  3. The Midnight Garden – They have wonderful posts that I like to read.
  4. Cuddlebuggery – They’re awesome. Not gonna lie, I get most of my book news from them.
  5. Clear Eyes, Full Shelves – They recommend interesting books that I usually would not pick up on my own.
  6. Reader of Fictions – She reads a wide variety of genres and her feature, Cover Snark, is harmless fun.
  7. Books I Done Read – She writes, hands down, the most hilarious reviews ever. I read reviews of books I wouldn’t even read simply because of the funny!
  8. Wordchasing – She reviews Australian fiction sometimes and keeps me in the loop about what’s hot down under. Also, her photography posts are beautiful.
  9. Oh The Books – This team reviews, blogs, hosts guests, does random posts (which are fun!) AND they do a weekly update on all that’s going on in the blogosphere about books (and they often put us in there somewhere). This is our thanks and also our props to them!
  10. So Long and Thanks for All the Fish – I (Yash) really enjoy Elizabeth’s reviews. She’s honest and insightful and peppers her reviews with jokes and fun gifs. She always has my attention.

13 responses to “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

  1. Aww, wow, you guys included our blog in your nominations — thank you so much! :) I love these posts because I like hearing random facts about people, lol.

    Nafiza, I can’t believe how much you dislike celery! It is one of my favorite foods, and I especially love the smell! :P

    Steph, I think it’s hilarious that you have a cat named Pooch — that’s what my husband and I call basically every dog we encounter, because it sounds funny. ^_^ I love fruits of MANY kinds, but also love peppers and cucumbers (aren’t they just LOVELY to slice? or is that just me?)!

    Janet: YAY For studying swordplay! I do longsword, want to do more dagger, and dabbled with rapier. My husband used to fence, and preferred the epee!

    Yash, wow! Sounds like you had an interesting childhood. I remember really wanting a penpal when I was in middle school. Actually, I got one through some program at my school and she lived in England, but I think she stopped writing me after only a couple of letters. :(

    Anyway, sorry for the super long comment! And thanks again for the nomination. Now I need to go check out the other blogs you nominated which I’m not familiar with!

    • Kelly, we love long comments! Keep them coming :)
      Good luck with the swordplay, so nice to find other people (outside of my school) who study it! Longsword is awesome and I’d like to do more of it – all I know are the very basics.
      I look forward to seeing which blogs you will nominate. There’s a whole world of bookish blogs that I’m just beginning to discover. It’s amazing!

    • Okay, firstly, don’t apologize for long comments! We love them! Secondly, that’s so cool that you do swordplay! (And so weird that you love celery- I share Nafiza’s disdain for celery!) Lastly, Oh The Books is so incredible! I LOVE that you review audiobooks. You are literally the only other person I know who likes them. Very cool. <3

      • Wow, seriously, you don’t know anyone else who likes audiobooks? Well, I guess I don’t know many others who do either!

        So what is it you hate about celery? I find it delightful, but I’ve met so many others who don’t like it. :(

        • Haha! Perhaps it is just that I didn’t grow up with that. Not a lot of Indian recipes that use celeries, I suspect?

          And yes, not all that many audiobook enthusiasts in my circle of lit-lovers. I must go through your audiobook tag so I can get an idea for what I want to buy next!

      • Hmm, I suppose not — I don’t think I’ve had much Indian food with celery in it! Although Indian food does have a LOT of flavor, so perhaps celery is just sort of an affront to the spirit of it or something, haha!

        As for audiobooks, I tend to prefer epic fantasy, or longer books, because they don’t seem as daunting that way, and drawing out the story (in a way) by reading it on my commutes every day seems to make the story feel more like I’m actually part of the journey! What kinds do you prefer?

    • I am ambivalent towards celery.

      ^_^ Thanks for the comment! I also enjoy these kinds of posts!


  2. Whoa! That is such a sweet surprise to see this nomination! And from bloggers I admire, this is all the more awesome! Thank you, thank you.

    I think it’s interesting how people are attached or not to their middle names – I’m sorry to hear you don’t have one, Nafiza! I sort of like mine and I am thinking of using it as a pen name if I ever do get published. (but hey, that’s a long way down the road!)
    I want to study rapier, too; that sounds so fun!

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  4. Interesting facts ladies! I’m so jealous of you Yash – have fun meeting the fantastic cast of Welcome to Night Vale!!! That last 2 year anniversary episode was amazing!

  5. Who doesn’t like fruit?! Or celery?! Crazy ladies :-p. And that’s so awesome that you study swordplay! I’m a little bit jealous, it makes you sound super badass haha. And Yash I’m so freaking jealous!! I sadly haven’t not made it very far through the podcasts yet (I keep listening to them right before I go to bed so I forget what happened and have to redo it all over again. I think I listened to the 3rd episode five times before I could move on haha!)

    And thank you for the nomination! It will probably be a while until I can get to it since I’m so swamped with just…life, but your comments made me blush :)

    • Janet IS totally badass! I wouldn’t cross her! (Except to shove some webcomics in her face and frolic away.) Hmm. We are a pretty odd bunch, aren’t we?

      ALSO IT IS TODAY! TODAY IS WHEN I SEE THEM! AHHH! *ahem* I have a heard similar issues with people who started WTNV. It takes a while to get into audiobooks I guess. It helps me to follow lots of Night Vale fans on Tumblr who post spoilers immediately. I just have to get my act together if I don’t want spoilers …

      Hope you’re having a great week!

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