TTT: Favourite Minor Characters

The Broke and the Bookish let us pick our own topic this week. I just decided to go through their older prompts instead. I don’t know if I love this topic or hate it. It’s almost painful to pick my favourite minor characters. I love them so much and then typically, they end up dying. *sigh* I hope you guys have safer characters to invest your emotions into. Don’t forget to leave us a comment or a tweet with your faves!

Top Ten TuesdayJanet

Since I am never able to pick a favourite book (impossible!), my answers for the Top Ten Tuesday questions are never ever-and-for-all-time favourites (since choosing a favourite is impossible), but they are good examples and things/people I like and really whatever comes to my mind in that particular week. (That being said, I am very fond of the characters named below.)

  1. Sophos from The Thief. Helen the Queen of Eddis and Irene the Queen of Attolia from The Queen of Attolia. Also the Magus and Pol, and most of the Eddisians. I really like ALL the minor characters in Megan Whalen Turner’s Thief series (well, except for the awful ones like Nahuseresh, and Sounis and *SPOILER* Ambiades). Well. Technically, Sophos and Eddis and Attolia (and Costis, whom I also like very much) are all major characters, but they are all not the protagonist in at least one book in the series.
  2. Niesta from Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming by Rachel Hartman. Also Amy’s parents, Nahulla and Bob. Also Lalo. Also Bran and Niall and Trig and the other sympathetic minor characters.
  3. The Disreputable Dog from Lirael and Abhorsen by Garth Nix. I would love to have a companion (or pet) like *SPOILER* Kibeth.
  4. The seamstress from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickins. I know, we only meet her for about two pages right before she is executed, but she is one of the best characters in that book.
  5. Linnet from Cat’s Eye Corner by Terry Griggs.


I too have a hard time with the “favourite” questions because – I have SO MANY favourites! Currently my faves are…

  1. Gonzo from Libba Bray’s Going Bovine – I just love this cheeky littly scaredy-cat who is also brave. The depth of this guy (despite his height) is just awesome. Great great character.
  2. Death (despite him being the narrator, I’d argue that he is a secondary character) from The Book Theif by Mark Zusak. I enjoy most portrayals of Death – I would include on this list Terry Pratchett’s death as well. Death has such a fun mystique to him.
  3. Basil Stag Hare from the Redwall series by Brian Jacques –  this series was awesome but I always always loved the Hare characters (just so darn cheeky and random and fun!) and this guy was my all-time fave.
  4. Toya Kinomoto (and his ulterior selves in the other CLAMP series) from Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP – Toya is the awesome older brother character – he is quirky and he is annoying but he is also caring and has his own life, powers and storyline which I love.
  5.  Florence Zimmerman from The House with a Clock in it’s Walls (the Lewis Barnavelt series) by John Bellairs. She is a mysterious, hilarious and incredibly adept witch. She just has such a great character, great dialogue and her role is so secondary but integral. I was going to name Mrs. Lupescu from The Graveyard Book but I think the root of that character type lies somewhere in Zimmerman – just so magical to read.


This is going to be difficult for me. Ahhhh. Okay, let’s see.

  1. Blue’s mom and her mom’s friends, the three ladies with powers who are sassy and wonderful and make the book more awesome than they would be otherwise. Yeah, their conversations are a highlight of my reading experience.
  2. Yashiro, Ren’s manager from Skip Beat manga. He is so dorky and fun that you forget he has a serious side which he brings out unexpectedly and to great effect.
  3. Vikram the Vampire who is actually a Djinni from Alif the Unseen. Man, he was such a wonderful character.
  4. Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle. I loved him! I still do!
  5. The little boy whose name I cannot remember from Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken. He was the most wonderful character in the book and well…yeah.


I love* these characters so much that as I did this Top Ten post, I went into a desperate spiral of fanfiction and fanart. And since I did that, I’ve decided to make my list with the help of some incredible artists. I’ve linked the sources in the images’ captions, following the characters’ names and the book/series they are from. (Click to enlarge the images and see the full caption.) Enjoy:

Honourable mentions include- Calla from The Raven Cycle, Ragnor Fell from The Bane Chronicles, and Snowy (yes, the dog) from Tintin. Fun fact: All of these characters have stolen their way into my heart by being exceptionally (and sometimes unexpectedly) snarky.

*I feel like I should add here that when I say “love”, it could just mean that I found their characters so completely interesting that I found reading them a great experience. Like Daisy. Or Kavinsky.

14 responses to “TTT: Favourite Minor Characters

      • May I ask, how so?
        I always read her as through Nick’s eye – fickle, shallow, stupid and annoying. While Gatsby, who had money saw her as perfect. Me, being without money (and not the largest fan of Gatsby himself) tend to err on the side of Nick.

      • Well, I was reading The Great Gatsby in high school and my peers came at it as a tragic romance, and I along with them was sucked into the glamour of Gatsby’s life (via Nick’s narration) … until, early in the novel, Daisy- despite having a life of luxury- has that bitter line about girls being beautiful fools. She saw the world for how horrible it was, how despite the new freedoms for women, she was so restricted in her life, and so unable to do anything about it- it really just cut through the bright lights of it all. That’s when I realized that the novel was a critique of the Jazz Age, not a praise. (It’s not a very original epiphany to have- but as a soon-to-be-Lit student I was pleased to have reached that realization on my own. ^_^) Daisy does not have to be a like-able/relate-able character in order for her to be incredibly important to the story, despite being a minor character.

        Also, I totally forgot our Skype date! Currently eating and reading at Granville Island. I’ll text you!

  1. Props to Steph for listing Death from The Book Thief! I would definitely list Death as a minor character because the story mainly revolves around Liesel and her words. This was a creative idea for a post!

    • Thanks!

      Big fan of Death.
      Have you seen Supernatural? Also an awesome and interesting depiction.

  2. Death is amazing, in many literary forms–but I especially like the Discworld version, who talks in all caps, and tries to tell jokes–and the Disreputable Dog is quite a character too. And who wouldn’t love Calcifer? For all his smart comments, he has a lot of heart…

  3. I am HUGE fan of Supernatural… but I like to pretend that everything after season three didn’t happen. The Book Thief did an extraordinary job in its portrayal of Death.. humorous, realistic, sarcastic and sympathetic. All hail Markus Zusak!

  4. Hi, I don’t know if he counts as a minor character but I recently finished “The Maze Runner” series and I’m a little bit obsessed (read: very) obsessed with Newt. I know this series and its hero end up on a little “the worst…” lists and not without good cause but I do love Newt. He’s this sweet blonde kid who spends all his time making sure everyone else is okay and happy while hiding his own deep depression. Minho was the fan-favourite but Newt deserves some love.

    • Newt totally counts as a minor “supporting” character! Thanks for sharing (I liked Newt too, Minho was alright but better in the film). ;)

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