TTT REWIND: Most Dislikable Characters

 This month we got to choose from a list of older topics from The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Tuesday

I chose this one and I propose that our bloggers and readers note the distinction between characters who are meant to be dislikable (i.e. antagonists / good writing on the author’s part) and characters who are accidentally dislikable (i.e. not-so-good writing on the author’s part). We will be focusing on the latter.


  1. Jace Whatsisface from The Mortal Instruments series: Just. No. (EDIT: I feel like I should elaborate. I don’t mind Bad Boy characters but Jace is constructed to be attractive … but given how callous he is, I just don’t see it. However, given the number of Clary/Jace shippers, I am clearly very outnumbered here. Which is fine. We don’t all have to love the same things. Or characters.)
  2. Cho Chang from the Harry Potter series: We never got much depth from Jo Rowling on why Cho is so attractive to Harry. Maybe because there actually there wasn’t any depth to his feeling? Maybe, sometimes crushes just don’t make sense? But in retrospect she did feel a lot like a device at times. A hurdle for Harry before he became worthy of Ginny.
  3. Pearl from Cinder: I loved Cinder, but Pearl was just a bit too similar to the mean sister in Ever After. That said, I have some hope that we will get more of a background on Cinder’s adopted family in the next few books. (Which I haven’t gotten to, yet.)
  4. Sean and Ray from The Lost Girl: It’s been so long since I wrote a review for this one, but these guys just bother me still because I am not sure if Mandanna wanted them to have this effect. I dislike love interests that are we are supposed to just “go with”. Don’t just tell me that the protagonist had butterflies in her stomach. I don’t care how blonde his hair is or how blue his eyes are. Give me more.
  5. Coraline’s Mum: Coraline is, hands down, one of my all-time favourite books and Neil Gaiman is the light of my life, but I never know how to feel about Coraline’s mum. She’s even a little scarier than the Other Mother because of how little we see of her (and her parental concerns). On the flipside, one can see how it is an inversion of the typical (and Gothic) portrayal of mothers as the better parent. Yeah, I am not sure about this one.


Let me see if I can rise to Yash’s challenge. *clears throat*

  1. Dru from Lilith St. Crow’s Strange Angel series: Oh my goodness, I disliked her so intensely that I threw my book across the room and I never do that to books. She personified everything I hated in a human being     or semi-human being or whatever the heck she’s supposed to be. I just can’t even accurately articulate how much I dislike her because I still do. And she’s the protagonist of the series.
  2. Dinah from Premeditated: While stupidity should probably not be a valid reason for disliking someone, in this instance, it is because ruining someone’s life based on conjecture and without proper research is stupid. Again, she is the protagonist of the piece and I spent the entire book waiting for her to be redeemed and being bitterly disappointed in the end. She shares the title of worst protagonist ever with Dru.
  3. Agatha from The School of Good and Evil. So this girl is portrayed as dowdy and ugly and who somehow becomes super beautiful and super sanctimonious and ugh. Actually I just hated the entire book passionately.
  4. Rose from The Murder Notebooks. A less likable protagonist I have yet to meet. Even Dru and Dinah tried to at least pretend to be likable. This one is abrasive, unlikable and annoying. Do not want.
  5. Xander from The Distance Between Us. He’s the love interest and the privilege and entitlement fairly drip off him.

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