The Cover Wars: Romance [Supernatural] Edition


Last week we did the non-supernatural edition, this time we are looking at new releases that have been tagged fantasy as well as romance. I encourage everyone to check out the summaries when they have the time. As always we are interested in what you think as well, so comment and/or tweet!

1. Fracture Me by Tahareh Mafi


Yash: The title is … frightening. It feels like the protagonist is inviting a near abusive relationship? I feel? But then, I don’t know anything else about the series. So I will reserve my judgements about the content. The cover … does not really grab my attention. But I think the feathers/eyelashes effect is kind of cool. I might read the back.

Janet: Mostly what I notice about the cover is how uncomfortable it would be to have feathers for eyelashes. I agree with Yash on the title.

Steph: Meh. The colours are pretty, the feathers are interesting (but as I don’t know the world or the other stories I don’t know how ‘realistic’ to their world they are and can’t really comment). Other than that, this ‘fracture me’ title isn’t too extraordinary or anything – and I don’t know if I like the determination “I will not lose her” if she left him of her own accord. If she was kidnapped or is dying or something and this is a rescue mission, that’d be ok. But if he’s just gonna try to convince her to come back to him, meh and no.

Nafiza: Well, I did think the one-eyed dude in the Rick Riordan’s second book to movie adaption was kind of cute. But this just…doesn’t mean anything to me. Does anyone who reads the books know whether there’s any significance to the eye? Any relation between the eye on the cover and the contents inside? It’s better than the original stuff they started out with anyway.

2. Fallen Crest Public by Tijan

18110808Yash: Hehehe! I wonder who their target audience is? Also, when they say “Fallen Crest Public” do they mean, like public school? If so, what kind of school lets hot shirtless boys in? Clearly, I went to the wrong high school.

Janet: This one made me snort with laughter again. So cheesy!

Steph: You mean Fallen Shirt Public! Ahahaah! At least it’s not disguising it’s true intent with feathery eyelashes. ^-^ Not my style, but I do dig the classic romance approach to the cover. Just embrace your genre and your target audience, total props.

Nafiza: Good lord, no. The book tells me nothing and all the cover does is titillate or promise to titillate. I would avoid this book by a mile.

3. The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

9833184Yash: Um, I don’t know what this series/book is about. Except that the girl kind of looks like Rose from Doctor Who, so it could be kind of cool? I am imagining myself at a bookstore and … while the colour scheme is attractive, I am pretty sure I would have walked by.

Janet: Their body language says that they are about to be torn apart, and I don’t care if they are. She can’t see out of one eye because of her hairstyle, so I’m predisposed to dislike her (is hair-induced partial blindness supposed to be attractive?), and he doesn’t have any interesting facial expression or indication of character.

Steph: Real people trying to act in a still photo… made me giggle. The “supposed” tension in the photo then clashes with the lovely flowers, and the whimsical font clashes with what I imagine will literally be a ‘fiery’ heart (?) this is just a hodge-podge of stuff thrown onto a cover. What’s with those flowers? Maybe they are in a tropical place….

Nafiza: I didn’t think the covers could be worse than what they came up for Vampire Academy. Clearly I thought wrong.

4. Won’t Let Go by Avery Olive

20300535Yash: If I wanted to see another person/ghost relationships I would probably re-read The Shadow of the Blackbirds. Or re-watch Being Human (the UK version, obviously). It’s just an emotionally exhausting ship to ship, you know? Also, high chance of heartbreak. So, um, no. Also, the cover looks … unfinished?

Janet: With the faded colour scheme, the cover makes the girl the focus who must leave this ghostly world/relationship. I don’t know. It’s just not… different enough to be interesting.

Steph: Ghosts! YAY! Though I do worry that it’ll be the teen romance version of the film Ghost will they have a ghosting? I would read the back though because this is the kind of fun supernatural that I could get into. Depends on whether or not there is mystery involved, and it depends on the amount of drama I can infer from the back cover… but I do think I’d read the back cover.

Nafiza: I really dislike the trope of having a dead lover and who comes as a ghost/is a ghost and this doesn’t do anything to win me over. I don’t like the colour scheme, I don’t like the ghost’s plaid shirt, I just don’t like it. No wait, I do like the house in the background. Hm.

5. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

13138635Yash: I do love writer partnerships, and I have to admit that I stared at this one for an embarrassingly long time. It’s the dress. It’s eye-catching. I like the font and the stars. However, it kind of reminds me of the cover for The Promise of Amazing. The guy is positioned (literally) above the girl. It’s a bit patronizing. (Or, a lot.)

Janet: I like the stars. I can’t help thinking that the dress is any second going to flip above her head, which would be embarrassing (unless she’s half-octopus, and can hold the edges down with her eight arms. But in that case, why would she bother reaching for him? She can use her arms to hold the dress out so it can serve as a parachute.) Okay, so the dress reminds me of the sea. It is also immensely impractical for one smallish woman, since I’m pretty sure that the cloth in the bottom right corner is rather longer than her legs would be, so she wouldn’t be able to walk. Still, all the better as a parachute, right?

Steph: No. Not even slightly interested. Maybe if the guy didn’t have a shirt on I’d props this cover for simply being “Romance” – but as it stand, this one is just a no.

Nafiza: I kind of like this. I mean, I can almost see this happening when their space ship (think Titanic but in space) breaks down and starts to fall apart. But then, I rather liked the book so I’m biased.

6. Alienated by Melissa Landers

13574417Yash: I would love to have seen the guy in the bright colours and beautiful flowers. I do appreciate the pun-ny title, but I’m afraid that isn’t enough. I wonder if either of them are aliens. If so, what, The universe ran out of purple skinned aliens? Shouldn’t the point of being alien be … well, being more alien?

Janet: I like the colour scheme, the stars, sky, and flowers. (Dandelions! Yes!) The people I don’t care for. I think I’ve said enough a photographs before that I can skip repeating myself here.

Steph: I actually LOLed at this. Does having sex with an alien leave you feeling ALIENATED? Does being abducted by aliens have you wondering if you have been ALIENATED? Pah! I can’t take it! There are too many jokes to be made!

Nafiza: So this book had potential but I can’t bring myself to like the cover. There were a million other ways they could have gone with it and they didn’t. And I’m tired so no. I don’t like it. Why don’t romancey type YA novels have prettier covers? Romance is fun! Most of the times anyway.

3 responses to “The Cover Wars: Romance [Supernatural] Edition

  1. I actually really liked the cover of Fracture Me, maybe because I’m hoping it’s reaaallly focusing on the fantasy side of it, NOT the romance (cos that would just be ick…expecially with ‘I will not lose her’…barf)
    But the best one, I must say, has to be These Broken Stars…coverwise, it’s doing pretty good…although it says nothing about the story except in a total YA way.

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