The Recipe for Insta-Love

There have been demands, threats and lots of whining so finally, I give you the recipe that has been coveted by all and sundry. Get out your pens and start writing (or you could just, I don’t know, bookmark the page, hoho).



Boy. Needs to be hot. Emotional. Dramatic. Needs to have some super-scary-awesome-sparkly secret. Would be nice if he was tortured.

Girl. There is slightly more give where the girl is concerned. But one thing is for sure. She must, without fail, have issues with her appearance, have just one friend, be emotional. Also, she probably won’t get along with her parents: mommy or daddy issues are a must. She yearns for true love. Even if she’s just 15. She also has a strange power slumbering in the depths of her consciousness.

Nice Guy. This guy is Girl’s best friend/neighbor/boy she takes for granted. He has loved her silently for a million years. He is hot, very hot, but not as hot as Boy who is SupremeHot. He is always looking out for Girl whether she wants him to or not. Nice Guy is very nice. You will find him on the football field being the quarterback or on the basketball court being um, whatever the main position is. The point is, everyone but Girl knows that he is awesomesauce. Girl has no compunction against using him to soothe her ego, hold her hand, quieten her pain when things are tough with Boy. Nice Guy always (always!) gets his heart broken.

Mean Girl. Warning: not actual picture. This is what she looks on the inside. Mean Girl is always rich. Or rather, she has rich parents. She wears designer clothes and her fashion sense is always (much) better than Girl’s. She also travels in a group of three. The two other girls are inconsequential and are pale derivatives of Mean Girl. For some reason or the other, Mean Girl has nothing else to do in her life except taunt and torment Girl. Sometimes Mean Girl and Boy are in a Hot and Steamy relationship before Girl shows up to ruin everything. Mean Girl could give anyone nightmares but is, usually, defeated by the might (and colossal kindness) of Girl.

Classroom. This is the holy place where Girl and Boy first meet. It can either be an English class though research has shown that most of the times, true love has a preference for science classes such as Chemistry or Biology. Girl and Boy will sit next to each other or in a row. Their eyes will meet and there will be a connection of some grand sort. Sparks will fly but no one else will notice the aligning of fates and stars as they will be too busy listening to the teacher.


When you have these ingredients together, put them in one container and shake vigorously. Because these are very flammable items and change states of existence fairly quickly, there will be some by-products. Which are:

Angst. This is very bad. But don’t worry, it usually never goes through. Or maybe Boy will disappear for a long while. But he always comes back. Always.

Boy tends to lie a lot about forever. Which to him is like two weeks. This hurts Girl’s heart a lot.

Which leads to heartbreak of the worst kind. Girl sometimes floats off the floor because her feelings are so shattered.


But don’t worry. Things eventually work out. The evil witch is destroyed. And you always get the truest insta-love ever. Ever:

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