Introducing February, the Month of Luuurrrrveee

Spring is (almost) in the air. Cherry blossoms are (almost) blooming. Birds and other animals are (probably) looking for mates and YA protagonists are exchanging smouldering looks in science class instead of dissecting guinea pigs like good science students. What is this blush in cheeks? What is this flutter of the heart? Whose heart is lying broken on the floor in the girl’s bathroom and whose steps have a strut to them? The month of February is the month where flowers are bought, chocolate is consumed and love is felt.

Or so people tell me.

As the title of this piece states, the theme for the month of February here at The Book Wars is Love. Love in all its manifestations though romantic love is going to be given slightly more attention than the other kinds of love. We are going to review books that contain romance (yes, we will!) and we will tackle tough questions such as:

– Rape culture (that will be me)
– Romance in Dystopian novels (Stephanie)
– The Happily Ever After Myth (me)

Forgive me, I’m not quite sure what Yash and Janet are going to do this month but whatever it is, it’ll be wonderful and I dare say, we’ll have cupcakes because how can we not? But fear not, things will not all be:

There will also be some celebration of love. We will have Kody Keplinger (of the DUFF fame) and Benjamin Alire Saenz (Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe) over for an interview. There may be more authors that I haven’t mentioned because I don’t know who they are. Just check on Tuesdays! I will also be posting a recipe for insta-love and my favourite YA romances (yes, they exist!). So, get your plate of cookies ready and navigate the lovelorn waters with us this month.

11 responses to “Introducing February, the Month of Luuurrrrveee

    • We aim to please while entertaining and promoting intellectual gymnastics (not really, it’s just entertaining). Thanks for the comment!

  1. helloo! i just accidentally pass by your blog because i saw that adorable cat gif and i would love to ask your permission to use it as my tumblr blog cover. it’s really adorable and i’m a cat person so i would i love to be able to have it as my cover picture. thanks so much and i hope you’ll reply me soon.

    • Hi, none of the graphics belong to me. The creators are credited on the image themselves or in the caption so as long as you credit them, it should be okay?

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