The Cover Wars: The Illustrated Ones


Today we shall fight to the death over illustrated covers. Are you ready?


Steph: Ok,this is a pretty good cover I think. It’s nice and symbolic and from the cover I can gather that it’ll be the story of teen agnst or maybe bullying, or maybe both. It’s not necessarily my kind of book so I can’t say that the cover will make me read it, but I think the cover does a good job. I guess my one criticism is that it’s a rather dull colour scheme and so it doesn’t offer anything really new or punchy to this kind of story – I can expect that emo-looking girl on the cover to start off as a big whining ninny and grow into a stronger person by the end of the book.

Yash: I like this cover. It keeps you guessing about what themes the story will deal with. I don’t like the dull colour either, but perhaps they are trying to show how the protagonist views herself? Or maybe how others view her? And she does look a bit like she’s angsting, but also, there’s the indifferent posture and expression which could be read simply as apathy or as defiance. Yeah. I like this one.

Nafiza: This appeals to me because of many reasons but especially the cleverness where the title is “breakable” and the picture is torn. That’s such a subtle way of saying stuff. I love it.


Steph: I would not have wanted to be the artist on this one – that is so much pressure! “When the picture tells the story…” well, this cover doesn’t tell much of a story but I don’t mind it. I guess, since when is a heart fan art? I mean, I kind of like that they didn’t put actual fan art on the cover because that’s what I would have expected, but now that there is only a heart I am dubious… ;)

Yash: I don’t understand. Is this going to be an illustrated book? Why Fan Art? Is it because Fangirl did so well? More books about fandoms? The cover isn’t horrible, but it doesn’t excite me either. And I love fandom related romance-y stuff. Perhaps I will read the back because let’s face it- it’s called Fan Art.

Nafiza: I don’t like it. There are so many things they could have done and they went with this. The blue is too monotonous, the heart is too stale and I just…don’t like it.


Steph: No, I do not like this one at all (yucky art, yucky brown colour and a title that seems gimicky), I would not read it. And what’s with all the teal?

Yash: I would read this one in an instant. I love the teal, I love the title, and I love the girls who aren’t skinny. (That sounds like it should be a personal motto or something.)

Nafiza: I would read this. It’s about real girls, girls who don’t usually find themselves the protagonists of YA novels. Plus, non-skinny girl on a cover. Yep, I’d read this.


Steph: I think I have a snide smirk of my face after reading the tag line: “sometime’s love is everything you can’t say,” awwww! Just spit it out already. Uhm this one is ok, I like the art style, but the symbolism is… well, pretty darn blunt? But that’s the tag line’s fault! I like the text box, but then that darn tag-line ruins everything. If it was just “Say What You Will” in a text bubble then I would have read the back cover… but that blurb is too ridiculous…. No.

Yash: No. Would not read. I agree with Steph- the blurb is too much. And the cover doesn’t have enough.

Nafiza: Wow, so I would read this because I just saw the synopsis and it’s about a girl who has cerebral palsy and a guy who has OCD. And now that I have that information, I can somehow forgive the tagline which, in this context, makes sense. And I feel guilty for judging a book by its cover now. But yes, I’d read this and not because of the cover obviously. I mean, those are such interesting characters, surely the cover could have reflected that, right?


Steph: Yep. I like this one. It’s cute, it’s nostalgic, it’s also a wonderful art style and I love the title and that the colour matches. I do have to wonder – what’s with the absence of people on this and the last cover? Well, it works here and it would have worked there (but for that darn tag line!).

Yash: YELLOW! I am so into this! I love the drippy swimsuits that keep you guessing about what kinds of people squeeze into them, and what their stories are, and how this is obviously a summer story, so yeah- this has the potential to be awesome.

Nafiza: Stephie, I think it’s because both this novel and the previous one deal with people with special needs. This brings up a whole different set of questions like why can’t we show them on bookcovers? But we’re not here to discuss that. I like this cover a lot. I’d read the back even though I’m not a realistic fiction kind of person.


Steph: What the Howl’s Moving Castle? This is almost exactly the cover that I have, and also very similar to the film rendering of the castle. While I think the art is lovely, I’m not thrilled that it looks like a blatant rip off.

Yash: The floating house doesn’t really bother me- I feel like it’s been done so many times and we always think of Miyazaki’s version of Howl’s Castle but we move on anyway- the art itself is not my favourite. It’s like Colin Thompson’s stuff but not quite and for some reason that weirds me out? Okay, there’s no point going down that road. Here’s what I do like- the twist on the whimsical floating house. It looks creepy. I like creepy. I would probably borrow this from a library.

Nafiza: I love this. It works for me. I shall buy it.


Steph: Yep, I’d read it. I love seeing these vines on the cover and what looks like tree roots! The background colour is a little dull, I think I’d have gone with something either darker or lighter I’m not sure why pukey beige was selected. Still the art is lovely, I love how the title is done – and there is a little dragon! AWWW! Anyway, this is probably my kind of story, and the title works for me. Also – creepy mug guy, intrigued!

Yash: Okay, so this is a nice cover and all, but I feel like this will be one of those books that I pick up at a store and then put it down for “later” and then never come back to? I have to say though, that dragon-like creature is pretty adorable and I want it for myself!

Nafiza: I feel like this could have worked so much better had the background not been so plain. But I like the illustrations.

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  1. The last one looks more orange to me than beige. I don’t know if that’s my computer or my keen ‘I-Mix-Paint-Colors-For-Work’ eyes picking out the subtle difference. Which orange makes me think fall and Halloween. With the cup and the title, that seems pretty fair correlation.

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