Welcome to Canada!

Yep, that’s right – January’s theme is Canadian children’s literature. Welcome to Canada!

Canada is home to a wealth of authors and illustrators, and our discussion of all things Canadian children’s literature may or may nor include mention of such authors/illustrators extraordinaire as

Ann Blades

Paulette Bourgeois

Elizabeth Cleaver

Stefan Czernecki

Kady Macdonald Denton

Maggie De Vries

Sarah Ellis

Julie Flett

Laszlo Gal

Marie-Louise Gay

Phoebe Gilman

William Kurelek

Julie Lawson

Dennis Lee

Jean Little

George Littlechild

Janet Lunn

Janet McNaughton

Julie Morstad*

Robert Munsch

Kenneth Oppel

Kit Pearson

Barbara Reid

Tiffany Stone

Max Turner

Richard Van Camp

Ian Wallace

Melanie Watt

Leslie Elizabeth Watts

Tim Wynne-Jones

Paul Yee

And I know I’m forgetting people! The list is in alphabetical order because I couldn’t possibly list them according to order of preference – it would be impossible to choose. (Also, now I think it would be fun to make an alphabet song with the names, fitting in a bit of background or titles by these authors/illustrators. Anyone want to begin?)

This month will feature interviews with Erin Bow,

plain kate

Rachel Hartman,


Y. S. Lee,

YS Lee

and Vicki Vansickle.

  vicki vansickle

And that’s just for starters!

* It seems that Julie is a very good name to have, if you wish to become a Canadian author or illustrator. So is Janet.

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