Neverland Tea Salon

I asked my friend Teng to accompany me to Neverland and when I met her today she confessed that at first she had thought I had finally lost it and gone bonkers. I suppose I should have elaborated what exactly I meant by Neverland. Neverland as I mean it is not Peter Pan’s Neverland (unfortunately) but a tea salon located in the same area that Susin Nielsen’s The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen is set in: West Broadway, Vancouver (ish? Kitsilano is what I call it).


The theme for this month is food and children’s literature and since I have no baking skills (not really) to show off, I thought I would instead do a review of an eatery based upon a children’s novel. My colleagues and friends have frequented the place multiple times but I hadn’t due to lack of time and opportunity so this really was the perfect excuse time for me to make my way there. At first I thought the place was called Wonderland because Alice, Mad Hatter, tea…you see how I made the connection but then when I couldn’t find Wonderland on Google, I tried Neverland and voila! The first thing I saw when I entered the establishment was a smile from the staff. I realize now that I didn’t catch her name sadly but she was a wonderful server, attentive and charming through the entirety of our time there. So thank you! The next thing I saw was this:


The teas are delicious here. I had the Back to Neverland while Teng had Peter’s Promise and both are served in stainless steel teapots that keep them nice and hot. The food is delicious – I had lemon scones with devonshire cream and strawberry jam as did Teng and then I was still hungry so I got smoked salmon flatbread and that was out of this world delicious. They don’t serve meat and have gluten free options for those who need it. Though space is limited and the tables are on the small side, I liked how they made use of the space and their decor. They give you small sachets of the tea you tried with the bill and I think they pretty much ensured my continued patronage with that gesture. Check out their website and if you are in the area, give them a visit. Whether catching up with a friend or relaxing after a tough day, the place will do you good.

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