The Cover Wars #5: The 2014 Releases

The Cover Wars! Where one of us selects five covers and then we judge them! ^_^ It’s fun. Have fun reading!


Nafiza: I love this. The colours, the paper cranes turning into real birds, the title. I think I’d want to have this on my shelves even if I hated the contents inside.

Janet: I like the colours, the birds, the paper cranes… I would definitely linger to read the back, and probably the inside as well, to see if the prose within meets the promise of the cover.

Yash: While I love the artwork for the cover, and I would stick around to read the back, I am pretty certain that I won’t be reading this one. The font screams middle grade novel. In any case, I want to give the cover illustrator a hug.

Steph: I don’t know, the only other book I’ve read with paper cranes on it was called 1000 Paper Cranes and it was super upsetting. This is pretty, but I don’t know if I’d want to read it. It might be too dramatic, or more on the realistic side of things. Just because it’s pretty on the outside doesn’t mean it’s pretty on the inside!


Nafiza: Someone else mentioned it first but how refreshing is it to see different body shapes and sizes on the cover of a book targeted towards female readers? I’d say the artist has captured the quintessential sense of summer in the cover. I love it.

Janet: I agree with Nafiza on the body shapes/sizes, and I also think the ocean waves are well done. The ocean is deceptively difficult to depict but this cover keeps the living- and serious-playful-ness of the waves.

Yash: Oh, Jillian. I love you so. I’m going to pre-order this one. (Also, given the illustrations for Skim and Half World, I am not surprised at all that Jillian Tamaki has picked another project that involves a female character who is not skinny. She seems to relish in it.)

Steph: Jillian and Mariko rock, so of course I’d read this. It doesn’t matter that the cover is wonderful, the colours. I like that perhaps the ‘body of water’ will be connected to the girls’ bodies which will also ripple and change. I just love it. Yash, can I borrow your new copy?


Nafiza: Honestly, I don’t know. I mean, I think the layering effect is super cool and I love how the H in the title has thorns. I like details like that. But the colours don’t work for me and I don’t know, it’s just seems to be trying too hard. Also, the tag is not my favourite.

Janet: I liked the birds and branches until I scrolled down and realized that it was a face. So… no. Creepy and too obviously contrived.

Yash: I feel like this font, or variants of it, keeps getting used for most YA novels that involve chosen one plots, typically with fantasy, and a large helping of romance. Also, the blurb does not do it for me. And, ugh, real person on the cover. *squints* Does he … look like … Justin Bieber?!

Steph: I wanna know where the tree starts. Where are the roots? Huh? Does the tree just come right out of the city? And of course there are crows or ravens or some kind of black bird on the cover. So nature versus the city, black birds, chaos, the chosen one (perhaps a reluctant hero? Chosen to slay, so says the cover, I can just see the “Why me? Why must I be the one to kill!” lines). The cover looks like it is taking so many things from other covers that I’m worried the story will do the same, that there will be everything I expect beneath that cover and I’ll be disappointed.


Nafiza: A POC on a cover is always something to be celebrated, for me anyway. I like how the girl in the title is white and I really love the illustration of the dragons on the cover. It’s slight and subtle and so much more effective because of that. I also like how the model is positioned. It makes her seem strong somehow and mysterious at the same time. I’m curious about what her story is.

Janet: I’m not that fussed, although the fact that this is a photograph cover and I’m not immediately repelled is an achievement. I think I would read this if someone told me it was good (someone with book sense, obviously), but otherwise, I’m not quite drawn enough by it.

Yash: I appreciate that the real person involved is a POC, but somehow that is not enough to draw me in. I’m going to have to read the blurb first, but it’s going to have to be a pretty damn good blurb.

Steph: It doesn’t look like YA, it kind of looks like… an adult book? I don’t know if I can handle that. I do like the scrawl-y dragons, and I don’t have an opinion about photo covers one way or another – so it looks intriguing. I read Memoirs of a Geisha though… so, which looked very similar, should I be expecting a similar thing? Ok, at this point I’d read the back, but that it might be outside of my reading safety zone might disqualify it even though others might enjoy.


Nafiza: There’s a knit, rainbow cover for the gun. *blink blink* I sort of like the simplicity of this one and I love, love, love the title and the way it looks like a barcode. Or is that just me? Or it a stamp? I don’t know. Whatever it is, I like it.

Janet: This is a really interesting juxtaposition. Handguns scream “danger” and “violent death” and “tragedy” – I know something really bad is going to happen, and since at the moment I don’t know enough about the characters to voluntarily make myself unhappy with their unhappiness… I’ll leave it to someone else to read.

Yash: Did someone yarn bomb a handgun? I don’t know whether I love it or hate it. I may actually read to find out!

Steph: I like covers that showcase things as opposed to people. I was in a class once and Sarah Ellis came and spoke and she said that one of the most important things in a story, any story, is the ‘thinginess’. The importance of things to the narrative and to the character and so I enjoy it when I get these hints at symbols and ideas and the things that will really count in the story. Knitting and guns. I’m totally down. I’d read this!

There you are! If you enjoyed our opinion on these covers let us know, and let us know what you think! Comment or tweet at us @TheBookWars and let’s get the wars rolling!

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