Zombie Princesses: An Art Aside

As a segue to our Horror month, I have for you, Disney Princesses in their zombie forms. Personally, I hate zombies but some people love them. The following artwork was created by Jeffrey Thomas (who goes by jeftoon01 on Deviantart) and you can find his portfolio here.

Twisted_Princess__Alice_by_jeftoon01 Twisted_Princess__Ariel_by_jeftoon01 Twisted_Princess__Aurora_by_jeftoon01 Twisted_Princess__Belle_by_jeftoon01 Twisted_Princess__Cinderella_by_jeftoon01 Twisted_Princess__Jasmine_by_jeftoon01 Twisted_Princess__Mulan_by_jeftoon01 Twisted_Princess__Pocahontas_by_jeftoon01 twisted_princess__rapunzel_by_jeftoon01-d35mvla Twisted_Princess__Snow_White_by_jeftoon01 Twisted_Princess__Tiana_by_jeftoon01

7 responses to “Zombie Princesses: An Art Aside

    • Huh, I didn’t notice that. She is more pasty than you’d think, huh? And that tongue is crazy. I wish she had had a crazy frog with her. Haha.

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