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According to Wikipedia, “Burka Avenger is a Pakistani animated television series airing on Geo Tez a new channel of GEO TV Network. Created and directed by pop star Haroon and produced at Unicorn Black production studios, the show features Jiya, a teacher at a girls school whose alter ego is a burka-wearing superheroine who uses her martial arts skills to fight crime.”

The Dishs article on it reveals various perspectives on the animated series while Faiza S. Khan from The Daily Beast talks about the ridiculousness of Western media concerning the burka the avenger wears to hide her face from the bad guys. Huff Post makes some interesting comparisons between Disney Princesses and the Burka Avenger.

You can watch the first English subbed episode here:


Congratulations to Rachel Hartman whose novel Seraphina won the very prestigious The Sunburst Award.

From The Sunburst Award Society:

seraphina1About Seraphina, the Sunburst Jury said: In the kingdom of Goredd, humans and dragons have co-existed in an uneasy peace for four decades, but tensions still run high. The dragons are able to present themselves in human shape, which gives them some safety, but cannot protect them from all elements of a society which forever see them as the other. Into this world comes Seraphina, a young and gifted musician who joins the royal court as the anniversary of the peace treaty nears, and a member of the royal family is murdered, apparently by dragons. Seraphina finds herself drawn into the investigation, which puts her in danger from both sides, for reasons she dare not reveal. This is a grand and enchanting tale, as rich and intricate as a medieval tapestry, told beautifully. Hartman’s wildly imaginative, well-drawn, and intricate world of dragons and men is definitely a world that bears watching, and Seraphina is a fine, fitting heroine, making her independent way while struggling with a legacy which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Other works shortlisted in this category were:

    • Bright’s Light by Susan Juby (HarperCollins)
    • Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow (Tor Teen)
    • The Green Man by Michael Bedard (Tundra Books)
    • Rebel Heart by Moira Young (Doubleday Canada)


The popular book lover’s social network, Goodreads, made a significant change to its Terms of Use as far as readers are concerned. This has sparked outrage among its users about the censorship following the deletion of shelves and reviews without any warning. There is also a mass exodus from Goodreads to other book-sharing sites, notable BookLikes. Keep an eye out here for a breakdown of the alternatives to Goodreads available for readers.

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