Top Ten Tuesday: Fall TBR List


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme started by TheBrokeandtheBookish, but since there are four of us we thought ten books each might be a bit much. And so, here are our top fives:

Nafiza’s Top Five Books!

My list contains books that are going to be released in the fall so here they are:




Steph’s Top Five Books! (teehee, mine are all dystopian!)


I have been waiting for this one for a long time, I can’t wait! If you have not read Unwind or Unwholly by Neal Shusterman, get thee to a library and read them to prepare for the utter awesomeness that this book will bring… oh, I am covered in terrified goosebumps… It’s awesome.


Marie Lu’s 3rd instalment of the Legend series! I have read the first two, we are going to be interviewing Lu later on in November. I am super stoked for this one!


Very interesting premise. I wonder where this second book will take us….


I am looking forward to this one. I like the title, I like the idea and I too wonder what would happen in a world such as this. I have my reservations, y’know, those same reservations that come with all new dystopias – will they have the romance sub-plot that irritates the crap outta me, or will it be well ingrained in the story, will the story actually revolve around the world? Stay tuned, when I get my hands on this one, I’ll let you guys know.

Control_KandI’m curious. I like toying with genetics, and I like that it’s a control mechanism and so, again, I am intrigued by the questions that must have spurred this book on. Let’s see how it plays out.

Yash’s Top Five!

This one only just released, and I can not wait to get my hands on it, especially after hearing an excerpt read out from Neil himself. I have to say, I hope I can score the edition illustrated by Skottie Young. I think I prefer it to Chris Riddel’s. What do you guys think?


Okay, I haven’t even finished with The Raven Boys yet, but I AM SO EXCITED THAT THIS WILL BE OUT SOON! I think I’m going to end up spending all my money at Kidsbooks in the next couple of days. (On a related note, who else is going to see the Maggie Stiefvater and Maureen Johnson at the Vancouver Writers Festival in October? What do you mean you’re not going?! Tickets are on sale already- go, go, go!)


This one mainly caught my interest because it’s a bit of a change from the kinds of things Drawn and Quarterly usually publishes, and also, I mean, look at the art. Look at it! It’s so beautiful and eerie. (My two main requirements?) Also, the mysterious, misleading release dates fuel my curiosity. But mainly the summary sounds brilliant- see for yourselves.


The only thing I love more than short story anthologies are short story anthologies that deliver twists and scares- and this one, I’m sure, will do exactly that. Rather fittingly, it will be out in October. Oh, and it features a very impressive list of writers, plus illustrations from Charles Vess! Dibs on reviewing this one for the blog!


I happened upon this last one by accident. There are not all that many YA books on transgender/transsexual/queer/questioning youth. And really, of the few that have been published, most do not come with unambiguously positive reviews. This one, however, seems to be different. I do have a lot of questions about the author’s own experiences about writing on this issue, why she did so, whether she knows someone like her protagonist, etc. But for now, I am very, very intrigued. Oh, and it’s in verse, which is exciting for me because I don’t get to read a lot of poetry.


Janet’s Top Five!

Ah, Yash beat me to Fortunately, The Milk. Shucks. Fortunately, there are only about five million other books that I can’t wait to get the time to sit down with. And here are a few of them:

Sutcliffe - The Eagle of The Ninth

Technically, I’ve read Rosemary Sutcliff’s The Eagle of the Ninth once. But only once, and I know I read it too quickly, so my hope is that I will have the luxury of being able to read, over many days, every word as it follows the one before it, to become thoroughly immersed. And I would like to read more of Sutcliff’s novels.  (Oh, and apparently there’s a Hollywood movie about The Eagle of the Ninth? It looks dreadful!)

Wrede - Across the Great Barrier

I know, I know, this one has been out for long enough that the one after it in the series has been released. I just haven’t around to it. Across the Great Barrier is the sequel to Thirteenth Child, which has a pretty neat world (and characters both likeable and otherwise). The main drawback in the first book is the complete omission of First Nations people in this alternate wild west – I wonder if Wrede has corrected this in Across the Great Barrier?

Sutcliff (ill. Clark) - The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup

THIS beauty is what happens when you browse the stacks at the Education Library. I discovered The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup this year and kinda fell in love. The story is poetic, the illustrations are beautiful, and the ending is just right. Everybody should read this book. (I’m waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail – joy! elation! and much excitement!)

Jones - Reflections (cover 1) Jones - Reflections (cover 2) Jones - Reflections (cover 3)

For everyone who is a Diana Wynne Jones fan, and for everyone who is not (yet) but should be (and will, once they read more of her writing), I present Reflections: on the Magic of Writing. Entirely bewitching.


Nodelman and Reimer - The Pleasures of Children's Literature (2nd ed.) Nodelman and Reimer -The Pleasures of Children's Literature (3rd ed.)

Perry Nodelman and Mavis Reimer’s The Pleasures of Children’s Literature.

Happy reading!

8 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Fall TBR List

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  2. Lots of good books here! I’m looking forward to Curtsies & Conspiracies so much. And I kind of hate Shusterman for how good his books are, because they seriously disturb me but I must know how the story ends… I haven’t read Raven Boys, either, but I’m glad they’ll be a sequel waiting for me when I get to it.

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