Artist Spotlight: Kathryn Shoemaker

Sometime this past summer, Kathie Shoemaker created fairy tale themed centrepieces for a friend’s wedding. As it fits rather snugly into our blog’s theme of the month, Kathie has graciously allowed us to share her fantastic work. Each centrepiece represents a different fairy tale scene, and all of them are “made from pages from discarded books”.

Kathryn E. Shoemaker is the illustrator of over forty books for children and the author of four books for teachers. She has broad experience as an art teacher, curriculum specialist, filmmaker, and as an exhibit/display/event designer. Her published works include books, filmstrips, greeting cards, poster, calendars, magazine illustrations and articles, and hundreds of educational illustrations and educational workshop in-service materials. Her paintings, prints, illustrations and multimedia creations are in public and private collections around the world. She has been active throughout North America as a speaker and consultant. For the past ten years she has taught illustration at local colleges. She has a Master Degree in Children’s Literature at the University of British Columbia and is currently working on a doctorate in the department of Language and Literacy at UBC. Her doctoral research is on the social semiotic analysis of how words and pictures work together in narrative picturebooks. She teaches courses on Children’s Literature at UBC. As well she serves on a number of non-profit boards and committees in Vancouver, among them the Vancouver International Writers Festival and the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable.

For contact information and a peek at Kathie’s ridiculously awesome achievements, please click here!

We are so fortunate to have someone as lovely and fabulous as Kathie to teach, guide, and generally hang out with us graduate students in the Children’s Literature program. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and inspiration, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for contributing to our blog.

Cheers Kathie!

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